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The NOAQ Boxwall is a flood control and prevention system that puts you in charge.

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Flood Prevention Products

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AquaSafe Provides Superior Protection Against Indoor Water Damage and Flooding

AquaSafe flood bags are a revolutionary way toprotect your property against water damage.  In minutes they can act as instant sandbags thatare easy to stack in any configuration to guide rushing or rising water awayfrom valuable property. AquaSafe flood bags can also be used as super-absorbentpads for soaking up leaks and spills, providing protection against property andinventory damage in addition to preventing slips and falls from standing water.

NOAQ Flood Fighting System

Introducing the NOAQ flood fighting system! NOAQ's reusable products are mobile flood barriers that can be quickly deployed when a flooding risk occurs, and then removed just as fast. The barriers are so light and easy to use that anyone can build a flood barrier.Employees can protect their own workplace, students their own school, and family members their own home. 

What Our Customers Have to Say...

Great customer service. Product works as advertised. Don't expect to re-use them. To me, this was a single-use, emergency product. Much preferred to filling sand/dirt bags. Got email from CEO directly--very heartfelt response. This is very unusual in today's world of profits over people. I would never even consider using another product.

Really great product. Absorbed and held water way better than the other products I've tried. They are a bigger too and can stack because they inflate evenly. I need these for the storm. Great experience.

The shipment was super-fast, despite it being at no cost.
They provided very professional customer follow up and support. Overall, a people-centric business, as they all should (still) be.

Awesome product!! We live in PalmBeach Gardens, FL and used them for hurricane Irma. Did exactly what promised. Didn't know what to expect but couldn't be happier! Will definitely recommend this product to everyone needing flood protection.