Flood Defense System for Businesses

AquaSafe superior engineering and patented design offers businesses a lightweight and easy to store alternative to traditional sandbags for a true flood barrier system. At only 1lb. prior to activation, AquaSafe Flood Bags can reduce the liability associated with having staff fill and carry traditional sand bags. Once activated, AquaSafe Flood Bags can be used to build an effective flood barrier and keep water from entering storefronts and warehouses, therefore protecting property and merchandise. Keeping your business dry during a flooding situation is the best way to prevent costly a disruption and the quickest way to reopen for business after a flood occurs.

Water Diversion

AquaSafe Flood Bags quickly activate to full size within 3 minutes and at 50 lbs. after activation, provides a strong water diversion system. Stack several AquaSafe Flood Bags to create a barrier to guide and mange rushing water. When used for floodwater control to protect shipping and receiving access, customer entry points or low points in the yard, businesses can reduce risk of interruption from rainfall and heavy water flow.

Industrial Grade Liquid Absorption - Spill Containment

When working in industrial settings, AquaSafe Flood Bags extra large size allows enables businesses to easily manage both small and large spills and floods.  Once used, AquaSafe Flood Bags can be thrown away or disposed of safely due to it’s 97% biodegradable makeup. The unique white casing on AquaSafe Flood Bags allows for early contamination detection of hazardous liquids so that users can dispose of spills and leaks properly, making it a safe work environment, knowing that you can quickly contain hazardous liquids. AquaSafe Flood Bags have proven effective worldwide when it counts by saving millions of dollars in prevented damage to businesses such as storefronts, hotels, shopping centers, hospitals, offices and warehouses.



  Ideal For: Applications:
  Warehouses Flood Protection
  Offices Chemical Spills
  Hospitals Water Diversion
  Universities/ Schools Storm Surge
  Industrial Plants Damaged Pipes
  Commercial Plants Emergency Back-up
  Retail Stores Slippery Floors
  Restaurants Water Heater Leaks
  Plumbing Companies Plumbing Leaks