Flooding and water diversion is a major concern for a variety of individuals and businesses. A lack of water control can lead to flooding and result in severe property damage, financial loss, and even injury or death. From homeowners to local governments, flood control solutions are necessary to handle both anticipated everyday events, all the way to historic natural weather patterns.

AquaSafe is focused on providing flexible, reliable, and effective flood barrier options that help improve water diversion efforts, stop/limit potential flood destruction, and boost overall situational safety. At one point or another, flooding affects a majority of communities and individuals across the country spurred on by numerous factors or malfunctions.

In order to properly address flooding concerns and risks, there are several options available to handle varying scenarios.

Flood Control Solutions

Two proven flood barrier systems include AquaSafe sandless sandbags and the NOAQ Boxwall. These field-tested products deliver an easy-of-use experience for anyone needing to quickly deploy a flood control system to contain or prevent a water flow-related issue.

AquaSafe Sandless Sandbags

The AquaSafe sandless sandbags are a dual-use flood control product, acting as no-hassle ready-to-use sandbags, or can be leveraged as an extreme water absorbent pad. The versatility and effectiveness of these bags enable them to be the perfect on-hand water diversion or clean-up fix.

NOAQ Boxwall Flood Barrier

The NOAQ Boxwall is a mobile flood control system that offers users a reusable and sturdy water diversion option. These lightweight wall pieces come in a variety of shapes, helping users create a wall that fits their location or water dispersing objectives.

Who Can Benefit From AquaSafe Flood Control Solutions

Flooding isn’t something anyone wants to deal with, but when the time comes it is always best to be prepared for the situation. Our flood barrier systems are designed with simplicity in mind, allowing them to be solutions that are accessible and ready to deploy in a matter of minutes. Water spills, broken pipes, heavy rains, and flash floods wait for no one.

Any individual, business, or entity could face real-life flooding concerns that pose potential threats to their property, operations, family, and more. Our out-of-the-box flood barrier solutions are made to fit any buyer and any industry.

Industries & Groups We Protect

Homeowners: Anything can go wrong as a homeowner… from a leaking toilet to a rain-soaked basement. Sandless sandbags are often a common tool homeowners use to prevent water damage or aid in clean-up.

Property Management: As a landlord or property manager, you are responsible for keeping your houses/apartments/condos in good repair. Busted pipes or street flooding can cause serious issues to your properties and tenets. Easy-to-move and deploy flood control systems are important tools to consider.

Local Governments/Public Works: Tasked with having the community’s best interest in mind, local governments, and their associated departments often need to have flood control measures in place to prevent damage and health risks to their citizens. Both sandless sandbags and the NOAQ Boxwall fit a variety of uses for larger-scale projects.

Construction: A construction site can be messy and at times unpredictable. From needing to prevent heavy rains from flooding your foundations to cleaning up a water main break, flood barrier solutions can protect an ongoing build.

Healthcare: Healthcare organizations like hospitals don’t have the ability to close their doors, so when flooding or other water hazards present themselves, reliable solutions are needed to protect staff and patients.

Hospitality: From AirBnBs to five-star hotels, the hospitality industry is aiming to provide the best experience possible. Unfortunately, sometimes issues do occur including overwhelming weather and failed plumbing. In instances such as these, having fast-acting flood control solutions can get a situation under control and guests back to enjoying their stay.

Education Institutions: Schools and universities are in charge of keeping their student bodies safe. This includes preventing weather-made or human-caused flooding issues to be controlled and resolved quickly to protect students and their learning environments.

General Business: Any business on main street runs the risk of facing a flooding threat. It just takes a blown fire hydrant or clogged storm drains to cause water levels to build and start flooding your place of business. Sandless sandbags and the NOAQ Boxwall are flood control systems that can be used by anyone at your workplace — all while being able to be stored in a closet.