Sandless Sandbags for Residential - Home Use

The ability to absorb a large amount of liquid makes AquaSafe Flood Bags an important household tool for homeowners to have on hand in case of an emergency such as a hot water heater leak, toilet overflow or basement flooding.

Flood Defense for Your Home

Floods can be devastating and costly to homeowners. AquaSafe Flood Bags help reduce the risk of damage caused by flooding by acting as an easy to use, water barrier that can act as a sandbag alternative. Backed by patented technology and superior engineering, an inactive AquaSafe Flood Bag is lightweight (1 lb.) and easy to use for homeowners. Once activated, the product absorbs up to 50 times its dry weight and offers protection against flooding. AquaSafe Flood Bags are more stackable than a standard sandbag, therefore making it easy to create a high-walled flood barrier to protect property and infrastructure.


Stop water damage to home absorbent pad flood bag flood sacks

Water Diversion / Redirection

AquaSafe Flood Bags quickly activate to full size within 3 minutes and at 50 lbs. after activation, provides a strong water diversion system. Stack several AquaSafe Flood Bags to create a barrier to guide and mange rushing water. When used for floodwater control on a driveway or low point in your yard,  homeowners can reduce risk of damage from rainfall and water flow. 

AquaSafe Flood Bags have proven effective worldwide when it counts by saving millions of dollars in prevented damage to homes.
Ideal For: Applications:
  Basement Leaks Flood Protection
  Driveways Storm Water Intrusion
  Garage Entry Water Heater Breaks
  Doorways Storm Surge
  Water Heater Floods Damaged Pipes
  Pin-hole Pipe Leaks Show backup
  Plumbing / Slab Leaks Slippery Floors
  Sump Pumps Water Heater Leaks
  Household Flooding Absorption Plumbing Leaks