Flood Protection:

AquaSafe flood bags are sandless sandbags that can absorb 60 TIMES its dry weight and offers superior protection against flooding, leaks, and hazardous chemicals. Once activated, the product will retain its absorbed contents for up to 90 days without leaking. AquaSafe flood bags are ACTIVATED BY LIQUID, making them an ideal solution to help protect your property against rising waters, storm surge and other potentially damaging flood related disasters.

Soak up Leaks and Spills:

Working as a super absorbent pad, AquaSafe flood bags can stop a leak in its path or soak up large and small spills. Even hard-to-reach places, which homeowners, business owners and plumbers have to tackle daily, are no match for AquaSafe. Place them under leaky sinks or a dripping roof, thrown them down on top of a spill or set them next to an overflowing toilet to stop water in its tracks and prevent a huge mess or property damage. They simply absorb the liquid so you can move on with your day. 

Liquid Diversion:

AquaSafe quickly activates to full size within 5 minutes and can act as an effective water diversion and erosion control system. Stack several AquaSafe flood bags to create a barrier to guide and mange rushing water or liquid spills. When used for erosion control while working on a slope, fire damaged hillside, or low-lying area you can reduce risk of damage from rainfall and water flow.