The NOAQ Boxpool is a temporary basin for storing liquids of different kinds. Clean water, contaminated water, firewater, dredged material etc. It can also be used for temporarily storage of dry matter like sawdust, wood chips and pellets.

A NOAQ Boxpool is assembled by the same components as the NOAQ Boxwall, our mobile flood barrier, which means the same device can be used for two quite different purposes.

The individual ”boxes” are easily snapped together, and by letting the barrier form a closed figure a basin is created. The basin is then covered by a liner. The components are small enough to be transported in a normal car.

There are two different boxes; straight ones and corners. The corner boxes are 30°, which means 12 pieces can be used to build a circular boxpool, containing a little more than 1 m3 . By cutting the circle in two, and inserting 18 straight boxes, an elongated boxpool of some 8 m3 is created, and by adding further 30 boxes you get a boxpool containing no less than 38 m3 . Deployed on a road it is still narrow enough to allow one lane to be kept open for traffic. Other desired dimensions are possible due to the flexible construction of the device.

Size Options for Creating a Boxpool

50 cm
50 cm
50 cm
Length x Width
2 x 2 m
10 x 2 m
22 x 4 m
1 m3
8 m3
38 m3
Corner + straight boxes
12 + 0 
12 + 18
12 + 48
Total weight boxes + liner
30 kg
142 kg
339 kg
Material boxes
Material liner
PE 0,18 mm