FloodSax Sandless Sandbags at National Weather Conference featured on KHOU Houston

KHOU Houston today covered FloodSax® as a key flood protection solution highlighted at the National Weather Conference in Florida.

KHOU features FloodSax Sandless Sandbags for Houston

From KHOU staff:

HOUSTON—Hurricane season is in less than three months away and at the National Hurricane Conference this week in Orlando is looking at new ways to protect you from a flood threat.

When a storm approaches, we’ve been told to “hide from the wind” and “run from the water.” -What if you could turn the tide on the rising flood?  A special sand bag that promises to help doesn’t use sand, but water.

“It’s got a super absorbent polymer inside the bag, so it absorbs the water.  Goes from a pound to 50 pounds in five minutes, holds back water for 90 days and it’s bio-degradable,” said Adam Shute, with FloodSax®.

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