Homeowner Faces Water Damage from Washing Machine

Indoor Water Damage Prevention

FloodSax’s innovative Sandless Sandbags are changing the way homeowners and businesses deal with flooding and indoor water damage prevention and response. Each year thousands of homeowners face the money, time, and health damages that come along with water damage catastrophes. FloodSax has created a sandbag alternative that effectively absorbs water, stopping it in its tracks. Indoor water damage has become more and more of a problem and unfortunately most homeowners insurance does not cover water damage from indoor appliances or flooding. Homeowner, Amanda Pathania, from Orange, California, is a great example of the damages that can occur when steps are not taken for water damage prevention.

Water damage from leaking washing machine prevented

Orange, Ca Homeowner Faces Water Damage from Washing Machine

This past April 2016, Amanda Pathania faced a major indoor water damage issue when her washer malfunctioned. Mid cycle, washer’s leaked approximately 30 gallons of water poured out of the machine. Making its way from the laundry room, downstairs to the basement, water spilled down, creating major damage everywhere it passed. Hardwood floors, carpeting, and drywall were among the damages affecting all three floors of her home. Repairs were estimated to cost about $24,000. Unfortunately, even though Amanda called in an washer tech who subsequently fixed the machine, the same disaster happened again, with the washer leaking for the second time.

flooding indoor water damage prevention with sandbag alternative sandless sandbag

FloodSax Sandless Sandbags can come to the Rescue

An estimated 93% of all water damage catastrophes can be prevented! Amanda Pathania’s home could have been protected by taking precautionary steps. Utilizing FloodSax Sandless Sandbags could have served as a self-absorbing sandbag, preventing the water from making it downstairs the first time. Alternatively, if Amanda had purchased the Sandless Sandbag after the first water leak, she could have been prepared for the second one. FloodSax Sandless Sandbags work as indoor water damage prevention measures by acting as an effective barrier. As opposed to other sandbag alternatives on the market, FloodSax products are actually lightweight, but immediately expand from 1 pound to 50 lbs when in contact with water, quickly absorbing up to 5.8 gallons. Homeowners such as Amanda could also prepare for indoor water damage prevention by being placed under washing machines for example, or being stacked to create a barrier that guides spilling water. With 40% more water absorption in comparison to traditional sandbags, FloodSax Sandless Sandbags help you get ready and prevent thousands to millions of dollars in damage.

Homeowners such as Amanda can face such indoor water damage and walk away with a mess-free, hassle-free outcome. Indoor spills such as washing machine leaks can never be predicted, therefore it is important to always be prepared. FloodSax’s absorbent pads are a great tool for indoor water damage prevention.