Best Flood Sacks Sandbags on the Market

Did you know that 20% of flood insurance claims are people outside of mapped high-risk flood areas (NFIP - National Flood Insurance Program)?  Regardless of where you live, and the type of property, whether it's a residence or a commercial building, it is important that you protect it from costly flood damage.   Aside from the loss of valuables, and family keepsakes, but flood and water damage can cause many months of displacement.  Buy FloodSax OnlineFlood protection and defense is important and being able to choose the right flood sacks or Sandless sandbag is vital to keeping your belongings and property safe.  There are a few important factors to consider before making a decision on a flood sacks/ flood defense product.

Types of Flood Sacks Sandbags

There are two main types of flood sacks or sandbags that can be used to protect from flood waters.  The first type of flood sacks is your traditional sandbag, made of burlap or polypropylene.  These bags are sold empty and then someone has to dig or purchase the sand/ equipment (machine or shovels) and then they are filled and tied in 45 to 50 lb. bags.  Modern sandbags require a lot less time and resources and go by a variety of different names; sandless sandbags, sandbag alternatives, inflatable, expandable and even water-filled sandbags. 

When deciding on the right flood sacks, —you need to consider:

  • The number of sand bags/ sandbag alternatives you need
  • How much space you have to store them
  • What resources you have available and the time involved (consider driving out to purchase sandbags, digging, bagging and handling sand)
  • How prepared you really want to be when it comes to protecting your property from flood and water damage. 

Let's take a look at how each type of flood sacks fits into these considerations.

The cost of sandbags vs. Flood Sacks

Sure many people think traditional sandbags are free.  You can dig the sand and put them into bags and that will be it right?  However, after considering the time, energy and effort to build, and carry 50 lb. bags from one location to another, traditional sandbags are not for everyone.  It could be half a day to build enough sandbags, transport and place them to be ready for an expected flood.  This isn’t for many, especially the elderly and weak.  When one just cannot carry the 45 – 50 lb. weight of heavy sandbags and don’t have enough time to react to a flash flood, traditional sandbags are just not ideal.  In the end, conventional sandbags are extremely costly in terms of time, energy and effort.  Sandbags sometimes don’t cut it during an emergency event, when there is simply not enough time to react.

Buy the Best Flood Sacks Sandbags Online:

Un-inflated FloodSax® instant flood sacks is one inch thick and weighs about a pound, making them easy and convenient to store (20”x19” x1”).  A case of 20 bags is equivalent to 1000 lbs. of sandbags.  Simply soak them in water and in just 5 minutes you have an instant sandbag ready to protect your property.  Be wise and click here to purchase the best flood sacks online now and protect your property.

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