What is a Burlap Sack

Burlap is a woven material very commonly used for building traditional sandbags. The burlap material consists of skin of the jute plant or sisal fibers. Burlap can also be combined with other vegetable fibers to create ropes, nets, and other similar products just to give you an idea.

Burlap Sacks as Sandbags

Sandbag construction is a centuries old technique that has changed very little until now. The burlap sack does indeed offer a decent method of protection from floods, however, when filled with sand and saturated from rain or moisture, these bags become incredibly heavy and are almost impossible to transport (unless you’re a bodybuilder or super hero). The uneven, bulky size of the filled bag can be difficult to store away after use or to even place in the first place.

Cost of Burlap Sack Sandbags

Burlap sandbags have also proven to be costly in terms of time and money. The first step to build a burlap sandbag would be acquiring a large amount of sand. The shoveling and moving requires an extreme amount of labor which can be difficult to provide in a short amount of time or in case of an emergency. You must then either rent a sand filling machine or fill each bag yourself. As you can imagine, this as well can be expensive, time consuming and just plain exhausting or impossible for certain individuals that cannot perform heavy labor. Once you have completed these steps and have filled a number of sandbags, it could well be too late to protect your home and property.

Instant Sandless Sandbags - FloodSax®


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FloodSax® offers a better alternative to sand filled sandbags. These bags are completely lightweight (1 pound dry) and compact which makes them easy to store and transport for just about anyone. They have a 10+ year shelf life (when kept in their vacuum sealed plastic bags). FloodSax® Sandless Sandbags are self-absorbing and take up to 5.8 gallons of liquid in just 5 minutes. Once filled with water, they offer 3 months of solid protection. When you weigh the ease of storage, transport, time, and cost of FloodSax® to the old traditional burlap sandbag method, it is easy to see why FloodSax® instant sandbags are a better alternative. It is best to be prepared and let FloodSax® work for you in an instant.

 How Sandless Sandbags work