Buy FloodSax - The #1 Selling Sandless Sandbag/ Sandbag Alternative on the Market

Buy FloodSax sandless sandbag alternativesWhen looking to buy FloodSax sandless sand bags online, look no further.  We make it easy to purchase our sandbag alternatives.  FloodSax / flood bags were developed as an alternative to traditional sandbags, which employs a unique patented designed technology that is lightweight, portable, affordable and environmentally friendly.  It is easy to buy floodsax sandless sandbags online.  Simply click here to order now.


Buy FloodSax for Indoor Use

FloodSax leaky faucet indoor use water absorbent padAs a top choice flood defense product, it is no wonder so many buy FloodSax® online.  Flood sacks are ideal for indoors in addition to outdoor (flood defense use).  The super absorbent properties of FloodSax allows it to be used for spill and leak containment for home and residential use. Flood sacks is great for preventing water damage from leaking appliances such as water heaters, washing machines and other industrial appliances, overflowing drains, water removal, burst water pipes.  By placing the unactivated Flood bag under the problem area, one can have peace of mind.  Many customers have kept FloodSax water absorbent pads around and have tremendously thanked us for our product.  FloodSax has saved many customers thousands of dollars in costly water damage.  In other words, buy FloodSax online here to save yourself from costly indoor water damage.

Other uses of FloodSax Sandless Sandbags

Other applications include: use as a barrier to prevent hazardous material from getting into storm sewers, containment of hazardous spills from motor vehicle accidents, and HAZMAT response.  FloodSax absorb almost ALL liquids!  FloodSax are very effective in absorbing and diverting water, or most any liquid.  They will reduce costs, save time and labor when responding to emergencies.  With it's quick deployment it will help protect your property and get you back to business. 

  • FloodSax can reduce labor costs associated with controlling spills, leaks and floodwaters, improve efficiency of response to emergencies and minimize the risk of property damage.
  • FloodSax saves: in storage, deployment, usage and cleanup.
  • FloodSax will protect your customer’s assets and get them back in business.

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