The instant sandbags that absorbs 50 TIMES its dry weight, offers superior protection against floods, leaks, and hazardous chemicals for up to 90 days after use. This Patented Technology is compact and lightweight in design, making it quick and easy to deploy. FloodSax® is ACTIVATED BY WATER OR OTHER LIQUID, while providing an unequaled barrier of protection. FloodSax® can be reused as drought irrigation or other green hydro applications. *Reusable only in fresh water. Contaminated liquids absorbed should be handled with care and despised of per government hazmat standards.

The Instant Sandbag

FloodSax® is the innovative, quick, self-absorbing, instant sandbag flood defense system that has reinvented the way residents, businesses, and government agencies protect against water and ALL liquid damage. Each sack unit absorbs up to 5.8 gallons (50 lbs.) of liquid in just 5 minutes, and reaches 90% capacity in just 3 minutes.

There is no other product like FloodSax® Instant Sandbags

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    • Requires minimal labor
    • Light 1 lb. dry weight
    • Fast and easy deployment
    • It lets water in, but doesn't let water out
    • Activated by water
    • Absorbs hazardous chemical liquids
    • Expands to large size: 20” x 19” x 6"
    • Up to 10-year shelf life
    • 40% more coverage than traditional sandbags
    • Vacuum sealed for safe and efficient storage
    • Self absorbing, stable and stackable
    • 25% larger than any sandbag alternatives

    This state-of-the-art engineered product is made of polymer crystals, interwoven with a natural wood pulp mix, wrapped in a tough fabric case. Activated by any liquid, FloodSax® instant sandbag offers unique design offers a strong structure to stack and stagger to create a powerful flood barrier.

    Simply put, there is nothing that even comes close!