For best Sea/Salt Water Barrier Performance, pre-activate with hose or rain water and stack.  Find out why?

How do traditional Sandbags, FloodSax, Quick Dam, Blue Bags and Absorbeez sandbag alternatives/ water absorbent pads compare side by side?

The primary benefit of sandless sandbags or sandbag alternatives is that they are able to be put to use in an "instant".  Traditional sandbags are used to divert water from buildings and keep flood waters at bay.  With new technology, we are now able to enjoy instant sandbags.  FloodSax, Blue Bags, Quick Dam and Absorbeez all are self-inflating sandbags, we will look into the details of what makes each of them unique in terms of features and benefits.


Largest Sized Sandless Sandbag / Sandbag Alternatives

 Once Activated with water, these instant sandbags self-inflate to the following sizes:

  • FloodSax: 19" x 20" x 6"
  • Quick Dam: 12" x 24" x 3.5

FloodSax simply offer the largest size with the most soaking/ liquid absorbing capability.  In comparison it is larger by 50% than the Quick Dam sandless sandbag on the market.

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Storage Life of Sandless Sandbags/ Sandbag Alternatives

When looking into a flood defense or flood protection product, it is important to consider the life span of the of the product.  Storage life determines how long one can keep a product and expect that it will be fully functional.  Most sandless sandbags store for a life span of 5 years, when kept in a cool and dry environment.  With FloodSax, they offer a longer shelf-life.  When kept in its vacuum sealed bag, and stored in ambient temperatures, Flood sacks store up to 10 years and can be expected to activate at full capacity.  FloodSax are reusable sandbags.  *Reusable only in fresh water. Contaminated liquids absorbed should be handled with care and despised of per government hazmat standards.

Flood Protection - Size Matters

While there are many cheaper or low cost flood bags or sandbag alternatives on the market, priced at half the price... one must consider the reason.  While at a quick glance, many of instant sandbag brands are priced much lower than FloodSax.  When looking at  a side by side comparison, it is easy to see why.  FloodSax offer much more flood protection.  When inflated and compared by size or volume, FloodSax beats Quick Dam, Blue Bags, Storm Tech and Absorbeez.  One FloodSax offers 6 inches in height of protection, while Quick Dam only offers 3.5 inches and Blue Bags only 4 inches of protection.

Capability to Stack High Flood Barrier / Protection Walls

FloodSax unique and patented technology make

s it suitable to stack the highest flood barrier walls when compared against Quick Dam, Blue Bags, Storm Tech and Absorbeez sandless sandbags.  We ask you to take the "FloodSax Challenge".  Take any brand sandbag alternative, activate it and pick it up from one end... you will see all of the contents slide right down to the bottom of the bag.  Because of our patented engineering, the industrial polymer and wood pulp actually stay in its sections, making it ideal to stack on top of another.  Click here to see the comparison between FloodSax and Quick Dam sandless sandbags.  

Liquids Types & Absorbent Capability of Sandless Sandbags

While instant sandless sandbags are widely known as a flood defense/ flood barrier product, it also doubles as an absorbent pad.  FloodSax is unique in the fact that is has the capability to soak up Most liquids.  FloodSax® are powerful and protect homes and businesses against damage from liquids of all forms, including: water, gasoline, chemicals, and much more. After absorption, FloodSax® and the damaging liquid can quickly be removed from the affected area. Simply pick up the used bag and dispose of it properly.

FloodSax® were successfully activated with the following liquids / chemicals:

Hexane Tetrachloroethylene
Ethanol Oxylene
Ethyl Acetate Undecane
Z - Butanone Dodacane
Cyclohexane Petrol
Propan-2-ol Jet Fuel
Toluene Red Diesel
Butan -l-ol and much more

*High Caution: Hazardous materials, flammability and chemical reactions of absorbed fluids should be handled with up-most care and proper hazardous material disposal.

Salt Water Barrier Compliant

Most sandless sandbags or sandbag alternatives on the market today are not salt water barrier compliant.  In other words, many instant flood bags or flood sacks are not to be used as a flood barrier against sea, salt or ocean water.  FloodSax sandless sandbags unique patented design allows it to work in salt water.  **It is important to note that FloodSax flood bags need to be activated with a hose prior to use against incoming ocean/ sea/ salt water. 

Example of a Fire Department setting up FloodSax wall barrier to protect the city from expected rising ocean waters.


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