Flood Sacks for Sale - #1 Selling Instant Sandbag

Buy FloodSax OnlineThis is the official flood sacks instant sandbags website, where you can quickly and easily buy sandless sandbags online here.  Flood sacks / FloodSax® have sold over 2,000,000 units around the world.  As the pioneer in instant water-filled or "sandless sandbags", they have been featured on many programs on television, including the DIY Network “Disaster House” and demonstrated on news stations around the globe including NBC, ABC, CBS, affiliates,  BBC, and cable news programs.

Flood Sacks Instant Sandbags for Sale - Flood Protection

Flood sacks Instant Sandbags for Sale - Flood ProtectionIn this image, you can see Flood Sack deployed by Firefighters to stop flood waters from coming into town.   FloodSax® / flood sacks instant sandless sandbags offer quick and easy flood disaster protection.  Starting at 1 lb., it can be setup by Anyone, including the disabled and elderly.  Once in place, add water to Flood sack instant sandbags and it will inflate from 1 lb. to 50 lbs. in a matter of minutes!  FloodSax® are #1 in Flood Protection! 

Flood Sacks Instant Sandbags are Salt Water Barrier Compliant

The USPTO Patent Approved FloodSax® / Flood Sacks instant sandbags are designed with super absorbent chamber structures for rigidity and stacking stability. FloodSax® are SALT WATER barrier compliant, making them ideal for sea / ocean waters.  The unique 9 chambered design, allows flood sacks to be more stable than any other instant sandbag on the market.  When picked up by any corner, the contents inside other sandless sandbags simply flow to one end, while flood sacks hold its rigid structure.  

Flood Sacks Instant Sandbags build Powerful Flood Barrier Walls

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Aside from superior engineering, what sets flood sacks apart from the competition is that it is much larger in size (volume and capacity to absorb liquids).  This means that that flood sacks instant sandbags offers the best protection against flooding disasters and indoor water damage.  It stacks higher, stronger and more powerful flood barrier walls, because of its stable and rigid structure design.  Its larger volume in absorbent capabilities, means it can take in more liquids, inflate in larger size to cover more area for flood protection.  In terms of indoor use, Flood Sacks take in more liquid from spills and leaks, making it ideal to protect against costly water damage. 

Do not take a chance and go cheap, when it comes to flood and water damage protection.  FloodSax® instant sandbags are engineered heavy duty to help protect property.