FloodSax® reusable water filled sandless sandbag patented technology has proven effective worldwide, by preventing millions of dollars in damage to residential and commercial customers, in addition to government and military agencies. Made of super absorbent polymer crystals, interwoven with a natural wood pulp mix, wrapped in a tough fabric case, this unique 9-section internal design offers a powerful flood barrier. FloodSax® can be stacked and staggered dry, and then activated by almost any liquid. Simply put, there is nothing that even comes close!

FloodSax Sandless Sandbag alternatives comparison quick dam absorbeez deluge

Comparison Chart

When compared side-by-side with sandbags and its alternatives, FloodSax® ultimately offers superior performance and the best value.  Click on the image to see how FloodSax® stacks next to the "competition".  

Biodegradable Green Product

Once a FloodSax® water filled sandless sandbag product is activated, you can either throw them away or repurpose or reuse them. FloodSax® are made with 97% biodegradable materials (all but sack and stitching). This allows you to feel confident that your FloodSax® will break down, safely and relatively quickly, by biological means when thrown away or buried.* Another option is to use your water-absorbed FloodSax® as drought irrigation or water conservation by cutting it open and pouring the contents into planting soil.

*FloodSax® are reusable sandbags, however if they have been in contact with hazardous materials or non-biodegradable liquids, they should be disposed of through your local hazardous material disposal agency.