A WALL of FloodSax® saved several homes from flooding when Hurricane Sandy wreaked devastation in the USA. Around 50 properties were at risk of flooding when the Delaware River rose 2ft as the killer storm struck the New York area.

Residents feared the water would flood basements in their homes that are only around 100ft from the river in the Old New Castle area not far from New Jersey. So they turned to Jonathan Cochran who owns Cochran and Son plumbing and Construction Company in New Castle Delaware for help.

He helped eight worried homeowners by building walls of FloodSax® sandless sandbags to keep the water out … and it worked for every resident with no water getting into their basements from the flood surge itself.

Jonathan said the highest wall constructed from around 80 FloodSax® was just over 4ft high and 9ft wide and this picture dramatically shows the water level and the amount of debris the wall kept at bay.

Floodsax barrier flood defense sandless sandbags alternatives to protect home“If the water had got into the basement at these homes the damage caused in each one would have been in the region of $3,000 or $4,000,’’ he said. “These homes had suffered from flooding before and there was no way the people living there wanted to go through that again.

“One man did have regular sandbags in his garage but he didn’t want to go through all the hassle of moving them outside again. He was very satisfied with how the FloodSax® worked.’’

Jonathan said one resident used FloodSax® to stop the water from reaching his home and they worked fine. But he lives in a terraced house and his next door neighbour didn’t have FloodSax® and his basement was so badly flooded the water seeped through to his neighbour’s basement.

Working in the construction industry means Jonathan has discovered other uses for FloodSax®. If it is raining heavily he uses them as a barrier to stop filthy water from the construction site running off into other properties.

“The neighbors next to construction sites would get real mad if we let muddy water get on to their properties,’’ he said. “They make a highly effective diversionary barrier.’’




Dear FloodSax,

On behalf of my father and me, we would like to thank you for your help with the FloodSax. we immediately employed your product and were very impressed with their functionality and ease of use.

We very much appreciate you dropping the FloodSax off and will keep you in mind for the next flood event.
Best wishes for a great summer and good luck in your endeavors.


Steven A. Busch




January 10, 2016


I got a small pack of five because we sometimes experience a minor leakage from one basement wall when it rains heavily. My intention was to wait until spring when rains come and see how these work. Lucky thing I got them when I did, since rising temperatures brought rain in JANUARY!

sandless sandbag home depot Flood sacks in basement flood protectionAs usual, we heard the sump pump working overtime from the kitchen, and went down to investigate. Sure enough, that small crack was seeping water. Although this is not a catastrophic leak, it is a nuisance. So, in a matter of seconds, I cut the package open with scissors and took out four floodsax--- enough to corral the mini flood along the path of the water's flow.

They start off being about one-half inch thick. Within minutes these thin floodsax starting bulging and expanding from absorbing ALL that water! Just like in the videos on YouTube and the FloodSax website, these really DO work!

This is one of those preparedness products that you want BEFORE something happens. My wife was so delighted with the performance, she bought some for her friend who has a much worse problem in her basement. They worked well for her too.

I recall one year in my youth when our city experience a MAJOR devastating flood and I volunteered for several days packing real old-fashioned sandbags against that torrent. It was grueling heavy wet dirty work. I can easily see how these could save a person thousands in damage around a home, or save a municipality MILLIONS in damages and deployment costs. These are so lightweight and small, one truckload floodsax could easily replace ten or more truckloads of conventional sandbags. They are MUCH MUCH easier to move and place.

As they absorb water, they conform to the space where they are packed so they leak less. The weight of the water itself is what holds them in place.

Here's the kicker! They are reusable! Not only can you dry these out simply by laying them flat in the hot sun, they have antimicrobial properties which the manufacturer says last even after first use. So far, that appears to be true since our basement has zero mold growing on those bags even now, several weeks after I put them in place.

If you have leaks or live in a potential flood zone, you really should check these out by visiting the FloodSax website. They have impressive videos demonstrating how they work and how easy they are to use.

 Geo Wright, USA



On August 07, 2012 in Georgetown County, South Carolina we had several inches of rain during an afternoon thunderstorm which is not uncommon for our coastal community. What made this common event different is we had just poured the concrete floor for a new addition to our Emergency Operations and 911 Center. We quickly noticed the new area had turned into a swimming pool and was dumping gallons of water through a doorway causing flooding in our Emergency Operations and 911 Center. We I noticed the water flowing down the hall the first thing that can to mind was the Sample FloodSax I had received at a recent conference. We put it in front of the door dry and it quickly started to soak up the water as it came under the door. Within several minutes the FloodSax expanded to seal off the bottom of the door literally keeping out gallons of water and saving us from water damage in our facility. With only one FloodSax on hand we ended up cutting it in half and placing it in front of the flooded doorway stopping the flooding.

sample floodsax sandless sandbag alternatives cut in half to save thousands of dollars in flood damage f

Thank You FloodSax for such a great product that was easy to use during our flooding emergency.

Sam Hodge
Georgetown County Emergency Management
2222-C Highmarket Street
Georgetown, South Carolina 29440 


FloodSax® sandless sandbags keep McDonald’s watertight

Every year, when the snow melts we have the same problem.  South Dakota is no stranger to snow. We know how to deal with snow, but the snow melt was causing us problems every year – and that means lost time and money.

We operate multiple McDonald’s restaurants here with a Watertown business office located next to an empty lot where snow is piled high all winter to keep the nearby parking areas clear.

Each spring, as the snow melts, the water crosses the sidewalk to the side entrance of our business office and enters under the wall. We’ve tried traditional sandbags in the past, but they were hard to work with, hard to remove and still let water seep through.

As soon as we heard about FloodSax® we were excited to give it a try! It was already winter when we deployed our bags, so we added a little water to them to ensure that they would stay where we put them.

We laid a course at the snow lot edge of our sidewalk, putting down a layer two bags tall.As the snow melted, the bags automatically expanded to form an 8 inch tall watertight barrier. The sidewalk stayed dry and there was no water entry into our office. When we looked at the FloodSax® barrier, you could see that it was holding back several inches of water.

This is an excellent product that has provided a solid, cost effective solution for us.

I would highly recommend the FloodSax® line of products.

Mike H, Watertown, South Dakota




Just wanted to write and thank you for inviting me to the Floodsax presentation. I actually got a chance to use the Floodsax sample you provided the very same day...I walked by the kitchen and noticed our maintenance staff working on a leak beneath the sink. I walked inside to say hello and see what was going on. I noticed that the staff member was trying to soak up about a gallon of water leaking from the pump using paper towels. I immediately thought of the Floodsax and was curious to see if it would work well in this situation. I told the staff to wait a minute while I ran and grabbed the sample you gave me earlier that day. I returned and dropped the Floodsax into the pump container. It worked like a charm! The staff was impressed how quickly it soaked up the gallon of water. They were also taken aback by the fact that the Floodsax didn’t drip or even appear wet after soaking up the water. Needless to say I’m a fan.

Thank you again for your time.

floodsax kitchen sink flood bag sack sandless sandbag alternatives



From: Brian D.
Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2011 11:01AM
Subject: RE: FloodSax

I think it’s an amazing product. My wife couldn’t get over it.  I soaked them and stacked them outdoors and they did the best they could. Whatever water made it in was soaked up by the ones I set down flat on my boiler room floor. When I got back they were inflated and there was no water anywhere.

I appreciate your helping my friends and me and thank you for the quick shipping!

Brian D.




We had not needed our levee for some time. The water had been low and the levee was quite high. We had moved sandbags from one of its walls and moved them elsewhere. Within our Community, we will often to move and re-use materials for various purposes. This year (2011), the heavy snowfall and quick warming meant we were at risk for flooding.

When we arrived back to our community, water was already going over the low spot in our current levee wall. We quickly soaked bags and began to rebuild the wall. We were able to stop the flow and hold back the water!

This is a product that can be kept on hand and put into use quickly. We were definitely happy that the FloodSax worked in our situation and would encourage others to give it a try.

Thank you

John G.

Hillcrest Colony, Watertown, SD

Floodsax bags sandless sandbag alternative inflatable sandbag wall flood barrier stopped water



From: mark
Sent: 22 January 2014 22:05
To: FloodSax
Subject: It worked!

Aloha FloodSax Representative,

Two months ago I requested a sample of your product to use at our brand new hotel on Maui. After waiting a number of weeks I got the chance this morning. We have some landings with some drainage issues depending on the type of storm that visits. Today the rain came in with some wind and I pulled out the FloodSax and gave them a good test. They Worked! I wished I had cases of them.

Many thanks for the test. I hope the picture shows to you what I saw…a dry floor. Before using it, the floor had water all over it.


Mark K.
Director of Security
Andaz Maui at Wailea


Flood Sacks FloodSax sandless sandbag 1 lb. dry

Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 3:32 PM
To: FloodSax
Subject: Floodsax product

I love this product so much that I'm on my second double order!  FloodSax do what they're advertised to do--- That is, absorb lots of water (for example my cellar)!  They're conveniently easy to shape to whatever areas I want covered, and the FloodSax when wet are not so heavy that an older woman (namely me) can't pick them up.

What a Godsend this product is because I can't handle sandbags!  When I saw FloodSax Advertised  Advertised on the weather channel, I immediately went to your website (which, by the way is excellent), got the information needed called for my first double-order-- which arrived really fast, Thank you! 

--And then spread the word to all my relatives and friends here in Connecticut and across the country.

I don't know whose "brainchild" this product is, but give him or her a Gold Medal!

Bernice N
Derby, Connecticut



From: Daisy B [mailto:daisyxxxxx@gmail.com]
Sent: Friday, June 29, 2012 11:23 AM
Subject: Floodsax


I want to thank you so much for such a wonderful product. A friend of mine told me about Floodsax. I had purchased a home case.  I will be buying some more FloodSax's to keep on hand. I will tell everyone I know about your product.Again thank you for such a wonderful product.
Daisy B. Tampa, FL

Flood Sacks Bags FloodSax sandless sandbag alternatives stops flood defense


From: Darin Sent:
Wednesday, July 18, 2012 1:24 PM
Subject: Testimonial

Hi FloodSax,

A couple weeks ago I was on my way from Mitchell SD to Faribault MN. I was just 20 min outside of Mitchell and there was a Suburban passing me when we both came onto some debris in the road, a trailer tire had shredded and taken a fender out with it. The suburban that was beside me at this point couldn’t avoid the fender and hit it. They ended up puncturing there fuel tank. I pulled them over to let them know they were draining fuel very badly. The gas was pouring out and they shut the vehicle down I ran to the back of my vehicle where I had a pack of FloodSax. I opened the pack and tossed them underneath where the fender had made a large two inch gash in the tank. The FloodSax went to work and stared soaking up the fuel. We stood back in the ditch and watched as the tank they had just filled up in Mitchell drained into the FloodSax. The Emergency manager showed up shortly after the entire tank had drained away most of it being soaked up by the FloodSax. He looked around and said well guys we aren’t going to have to excavate this site as enough of the fuel got soaked up by those bags underneath the suburban. So the FloodSax saved a construction crew from coming out and digging up the area to dispose of the contaminated fuel. Just one 5 pack of bags was able to save countless hours and resources.





FloodSax® keep hurricane Sandy at bay

Here’s just one story from Cris Losbanos who protected his home by placing FloodSax® in front of his garage.

He said: “I live in downtown Jersey City, New Jersey, about a mile away from the Hudson River. Our neighborhood has been a known flood zone for years now. Last year with hurricane Irene’s heavy rainfall we were not prepared at all and did not have sandbags since street flood has never reached the first floor of our house which is on an incline. But with so much rain our first floor flooded for the first time in history with about 1ft of water in there and at street level it was 4ft deep.”

“With hurricane Sandy, not much rain was expected, but because of the tide surges from the river it flooded downtown and city sewage backed up, causing our area to flood once again. I would say that the flood this year was much worse than last year’s. I looked and looked online for flood prevention solutions and came across FloodSax® with excellent reviews so I reached out to Christine at survivalgearsource.com and since she lives just a few towns away from Jersey City she was able to help me last minute with FloodSax® supplies.”

“Thank you to FloodSax®.’’

floodsax sandless sandbag alternatives inflatable saves home flood protection



-----Original Message----- From: Wyn N
Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2013 11:58 AM
To: Bruce B
Subject: FloodSax Testimonial


I was amazed when I saw the FloodSax product demonstration last week. I have received many calls over my 20 years in selling environmental emergency response supplies from First Responders needing more sand bags and I wish that I knew about the FloodSax product. Everything is easier with FloodSax from lead time, to logistics, to ease of deployment, to faster cleanup & less waste. This is a no brainer with the crazy weather events we have witnessed over the past 4 or 5 years.

Wyn N
Contractor Safety Products Specialist



My experience with FloodSax’s has been great! We have used them here at Hiram College many times during heavy rain, in areas that we know we have problems. We take 3 minutes to wet down the FloodSax’s and we’re ready to go. INSTANT BARRICADE!!!! I would recommend them to everyone. Thanks for a great product!


Sodexo Facilities Management
Hiram College

hiram college



From: Mike Gavin
To: J Marletto

Subject: Re: CoS Testimonial: FloodSax Sandless Sandbag for flood control/clean up

I too have recently used FloodSax. They are great.

Mike Gavin
Emergency Manager,
Battalion Chief, TLO
Ft. Collins, CO





floodsax flood sacks bags sandless sandbag alternatives leaky sink water absorbent pad"J Marletto" wrote: Andrea, I am a Springs resident, more importantly I have used FloodSax to mitigate a recent emergency in my condo. They performed remarkably and helped to save the day! I was grateful to have a few cases on hand! Feel free to call me if you would like to discuss this with me. I am not an employee of FloodSax...just a happy consumer!

Best wishes,
Janet Marletto



Having provided emergency management/disaster recover service for a company that had roughly 1700
retail locations along with 9 distributions centers, I found that having a supply of FloodSax on hand to
use during a major weather events such as hurricanes, flooding and severe storms was a tool that we
could not be without. FloodSax are very easy to use and are less labor intensive than trying to use the
normal type of sandbag and much more effective and efficient when used properly. FloodSax is a
product that should be in the tool box of every company/emergency management department that
could find itself in harm’s way pertaining to hurricanes, severe storms and flooding. I highly recommend

Best regards,

Tim L. Shipman, LPC
The Shipman Group LLC
7283 NC Highway 42, Suite 102‐312
Raleigh, North Carolina 27603
Office Phone: 919‐756‐8033
Cell Phone: 704‐642‐6370
Website www.theshipmangroupllc.com
Email timshipman00@gmail.com



Great Water Absorbent Pads

We have a serious intermittent leak in the sub basement of our home and at the time, had no idea where it originated or if it would start to become more frequent.

As we were going to be out of the country for 10 days, I was worried that on our return we would find a serious flood with all the consequential damage, cost and smell.  As a precaution, I purchased a number of FloodSax and place seven of them on the floor of the sub basement in the hope that they would prevent the water from spreading.

On our return I found all seven FloodSax inflated with water that would otherwise have caused considerable damage. I am so pleased I used this product as without it I am convinced we would have been faced with considerable expense. Not only did these “Sax” hold the water and prevent it spreading, they also stopped any smell that would have otherwise occurred.

We have now located the source of the leak but until it is fixed I am continuing to use FloodSax as they give me peace of mind.

I therefore have no hesitation in recommending FloodSax as a product to prevent serious leaks and flooding.

Peter Cl