Floodsax® patented technology and absorbent capabilities provides users with a variety of useful applications. FloodSax® is most commonly used as a sandbag alternative in flooding situations, however it also offers many other benefits.  The three most common uses of a Floodsax® are: 1) Flood Barrier Protection, 2) Super Absorbent Pad and 3) Liquid Diversion.

Flood Protection:

Floodsax® is a sandless sandbag that absorbs 50 TIMES its dry weight and offers superior protection against flooding, leaks, and hazardous chemicals. Once activated, the product will retain its absorbed contents for up to 90 days without leaking. The Patented Technology is compact and lightweight, making it quick and easy to use.  FloodSax® is ACTIVATED BY LIQUID, making it an ideal solution to help protect your property against rising waters, storm surge and other potentially damaging flood related disasters.


Soak up Leaks and Spills:

soak up leaks and spills water heater burst leak explosionFloodsax® strength is the versatility provided by its patented technology. Working as a super absorbent pad, Floodsax®  absorbent pads can stop a leak in its path or soak up large and small spills. Used worldwide, for everything from leaky sinks to a hazardous sewage backup, this unique product is able to help prevent millions of dollars in damage. These super absorbent pads allow you easily absorb liquids from water to oil, fuel and even chemicals, while making it easy for you to walk away and keep the area mess-free.

Even hard-to-reach places, which homeowners and plumbers have to tackle daily, are no match for Floodsax® . Place them under leaky sinks, set them next to an overflowing toilet, or use them to stop a sewage leak. They simply absorb the liquid while you can get on with the job. 

Liquid Diversion:

FloodSax® quickly activates to full size within 3 minutes and can act as an effective water diversion and erosion control system. Stack several Floodsax® to create a barrier to guide and mange rushing water or liquid spills. When used for erosion control while working on a slope, fire damaged hillside, or low lying area you can reduce risk of damage from rainfall and water flow.