• Saves Money – Lower cost storage, deployment, protection and cleanup

  • Saves Time – Faster deliver and deploy than sandbags

  • Saves Space – One case of FloodSax® replaces 900 lbs of sand

  • Saves Lives – Easier, faster deployment protects workers

  • Saves Property – Faster deployment with better protection

  • Saves Land – Biodegradable polymer is easy on the environment

  • Saves Cleanup – Easier, faster cleanup, no sand remediation


Can you afford the costs of traditional sandbags? FloodSax® saves on every phase of sandbag preparedness – storage, deployment and cleanup.

FloodSax® Water Filled Sand Bags Save:

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FloodSax® Water Filled Sandless Sand bags Storage Savings

FloodSax® take only a small fraction of the space of an equivalent amount of sandbags. Storage is clean, dry and easy to manage. Unlike decomposing sandbags, our water filled sand bags have a guaranteed 10-year readiness, and if kept dry, can be re-certified for additional time. One case of FloodSax® equals 900 pounds of sand.

FloodSax® Water Filled Sand Bags Deployment Savings

FloodSax® can be deployed in ways that sandbags never could. A single pickup truck can deliver the equivalent of 12,600 LBS. of sand. FloodSax® are light weight and easy use, meaning that virtually anyone can save their property regardless of age or most abilities. Volunteer workers can protect more area more rapidly with FloodSax® than traditional burlap sandbags.

FloodSax® Sandless Sand bags Performance Savings

FloodSax® expand to fit tightly against each other and nearby structures, making for better water protection.

FloodSax® Sandless Sand bags Cleanup Savings

Sandbags cleanup can cost millions of dollars, and improper cleanup can leave an environmental disaster, with sand fundamentally changing habitats. Site decontamination after sandbag deployment can cost more than all other phases of the response combined. FloodSax® hold together for up to three months, making cleanup easier, and any remaining material is biodegradable, making it easier on the environment.