Activating FloodSax®

Many wonder how instant sandbags/ sandless sandbags/ sandbag alternatives work.  The steps below should be followed when using FloodSax® as a sand bag, water barrier or water diversion tool.1. Remove outer packaging. 2. Add liquid to your FloodSax®. – Place unactivated in location where water is expected to come in contact with FloodSax® or pre-activate by placing in bucket and adding water. 3. Build your FloodSax® barrier.

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FloodSax® can be stored dry for up to 10 years in their vacuum-sealed pouch. When put in place and activated by fluid, FloodSax® patented 9-layer biodegradable polymer crystal design can absorb up to 5.8 gallons in just 5 minutes. This makes FloodSax® far more sturdy, consistent and stable than a standard sandbag or any similar product.

Storage and Deployment

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Vacuum packed, clean, dry, easy to manage and deploy and require minimum space to store. A homeowner or business is able to quickly protect an area by stacking and staggering the FloodSax® to create powerful barriers against flooding, sea water, or other liquids. With a guaranteed 10-yr readiness and built so lightweight that almost anyone can deploy, FloodSax® offer unprecedented security against liquid damage to your property.

Using FloodSax® as a Super Absorbent Pad

FloodSax® work anywhere to absorb and stop liquid; toilets, water heaters, internal sprinkler systems, leaks in boats, broken pipes, leaking appliances, basements and other liquid sources that will damage your home. If using FloodSax® as a super absorbent pad to prevent or stop water damage, simply remove from package and place the sack in flooded area and sack will absorb the liquid spill. Once absorbed, FloodSax® can be removed from area and disposed of with absorbed liquid inside.

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