We are often asked, "How do I reuse FloodSax?".  Here the steps:

  • Dry out the bags - Leave in a dry, airy place (a fan may help, but do not heat.. no hair dryers or heaters)
  • Make sure they have not absorbed hazardous water/liquids. One reason they are white.. so you can see if ‘bad stuff’ is in there. If in question, dispose safely.
  • Can take up to 2-3 weeks.. or longer if they get rained on in the process.
  • You will be able to be reactivate, but won’t expand to original size. They will eventually get light and manageable though.
  • Storage - Do not put in a bag or sealed space/bin until completely dry. The moisture can propagate mold/mildew if not dried completely (like a sponge or a towel in a bag)

FloodSax Sandless Sandbags are reusable only in fresh water. Contaminated liquids absorbed should be handled with care and disposed of per government hazmat standards.

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