What is a HydraBarrier?

A HydraBarrier is a yellow colored tube made of an industrial plastic, designed to keep water from coming into property.  It comes in a variety of sizes (lengths and widths).  Some would say that it is an effective sandbag alternative. The pros of this product is that its simple design makes it very easy to use. 

How does the Hydra Barrier work?

The HydraBarrier water-filled tube system is really simple in function.  First place the tube where you want to protect the area/ divert water.  Then fill the tube up with water and plug the tube.  That easy, however, when compared to other sandbags alternatives, there are other things to consider before buying a Hydra Barrier system online or in store.

What the HydraBarrier doesn't offer:

Once must ask if they know 100% the height of the floodwaters that they face. If you are certain that the height of the water coming into your home will be less than 20 inches, then the Hydra Barrier would be a solid option. With the following lists of sizes, they Hydra Barrier simple cannot stack up to a true high flood barrier wall:

The Hydra Barrier is Available in 4 heights:

  • Standard: Offers up to 4 inches of water protection  
  • Ultra:        Offers up to 6 inches of water protection  
  • Supreme: Offers up to 12 inches of water protection
  • Titan:        Offers up to 20 inches of water protection

If you live along an area where flood waters can arise quickly and higher that 20 inches.  The hydra barrier tube system will not be able to protect your property to the extent that you need it. 

FloodSax and Flood Barrier Walls

FloodSax build HUGE flood barrier walls, because if its unique patented chamber design.  It is built like a sandbag, but without the labor, sand and mess!  It hydrabarrier vs. flood sacks

2) The Hydra Barrier doesn't soak up leaks and spills, such as the FloodSax super absorbent pad.  Soaking up almost any liquid in its path, the flood sacks are ideal for indoors and outdoors leaks and spills. 

 Flood Sacks start at about 1 lb. each, making it easy for ANYONE to deploy!  The disabled and elderly can pick up a flood sack and place it to prevent flood waters from coming into their property or under a leaky appliance to soak up liquid... preventing costly water damage. 

Buy FloodSax Online

In conclusion, depending on your needs the Hydra Barrier may be a good solution, if you're expecting to divert low lying waters.  However, if you must fight flood waters that may be high, then Flood bags/ flood sacks are a better choice.