How does an instant sandbag work?

FloodSax® has brought you a new sandbag alternative, the instant sandbag. Long gone are the days of the heavy, bulky sand filled sandbag that are difficult to move and maneuver. We bring you FloodSax®, water filled, expandable sandless sandbags. Our innovative instant sandbag is here to revolutionize the way that you protect your home and belongings from flooding due to household leaks or flash floods. The inner liner is semi-porous and contains hundreds of super absorbent polymer crystals (97% biodegradable), which absorb 5.8 gallons of water, or 50 lbs in just 5 minutes providing you with an instant sandless sandbag. Once the water or liquid is absorbed, the instant sandbag holds the liquid within, therefore protecting your home from water damage. Did we mention that FloodSax® can absorb nearly ANY form of liquid?  FloodSax® soaks up chemical hazards such as gasoline, oils and much more.

How are our instant sandbags better?

FloodSax® Instant Sandbags are completely superior and a million times more convenient than your traditional sand filled sandbag. Aside from the labor and time that it takes to fill the bags with sand, traditional sandbags are incredibly heavy, bulky and difficult to set into a reliable barrier.  With conventional sandbags, you naturally have large gaps in between, which allows for water and liquid to pass through.  FloodSax® instant sandless bags require no labor or time to fill (because there is no sand).  They are water-filled sandless sandbags that expand as you activate them with water or other liquids.  Another benefit to FloodSax® is that they are extremely lightweight, weighing in at a single pound when dry, making it ideal for almost anyone to handle (including the elderly and disabled).

Instant Sandbags to Fight Flash Floods and Water Damage

Buy FloodSax OnlineFloodSax® can be prepared before expected floods by putting them into position in their 1 lb. dry unactivated state.  Once positioned in a place, FloodSax® are ready to absorb liquids in its path.  If you prefer, FloodSax® can be instantly pre-activated by submerging in water and then stacked and staggered into position to create a flood barrier. Our instant sandbags will repel water reliably for 3 months after activation. They also come with a 5-year limited warranty and if stored in their sealed dry state, they have a 10+ years shelf life. FloodSax® are available in 5, 10, 20, 40 home pack cases as well as commercial cases. Once your need for our instant sandbag is met, if used to protect your home against a fresh water home leak, the bags can be cut open and the crystals are dispersed into your garden to keep your soil moist. Can you think of anything more exciting than being completely prepared to ward off water damage in your home without little to no labor or thought?  Be-Flood Ready.  Be Prepared.