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Flooding, a natural disaster, can happen anytime and in any location.  While flooding may take time and develop over a period of several days, however in the event of a flash flood, raging waters can occur in just a few minutes.  It is important to be flood ready and be flood prepared. 

Oftentimes, melting of snow and ice and rain during the Spring season brings flood events. With predicted weather patterns to worsen, many government agencies are proactively implementing Community Resilience programs with products such as FloodSax sandless sandbags/ sandbag alternatives to prepare for flooding.  FloodSax instand sandbags help those who cannot quickly and easily dig, bag and carry sandbags to protect their property.  FloodSax Instant Sandbags allows all, including the elderly and disabled to be prepared to protect their property in the dangers of a flash flood.  

Storm Damage

Storms can strike at any time, even more frequently in a El Nino year, which means it has never been more important to be prepared for an immediate response. Storms can cause severe damage to both a business and the home, with the threat of rising waters, strong winds and lightning.

No sand, no mess, safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non hazardous, biodegradable, light weight, easy to carry, easy to use, no tooling is required no special training necessary and easy for storage.
  • 10 year shelf life
  • Can stack 9 high wall to divert water
  • Each Commercial Pack contains 20 FloodSax® Bags
  • “Prepared for the next flood”

Accidental Water Damage

Water Absorbent Pad - Water Damage

Even when there isn't flooding, FloodSax still protects one from costly water damage.  Accidents related to water can happen at any time, whether it be appliance leaks or overflows, bath/shower overflows or general leaks with pipes throughout the home or business.  FloodSax® Sandless Sandbags enables you to act immediately by placing un-energized FloodSax® on the site of the leak or overflow.  Due to the super absorbency of the FloodSax®, it offers superior protection to water damage in the home or any building.  As an absorbent water pad, FloodSax are perfect for containing the mitigating damage. The semi-porous inner liner contains hundreds of absorbent crystals which will absorb water to 90% capacity in just 3 minutes Each FloodSax® Sandless Sandbags can hold up to 5.8 gallons (50 lbs.) of water.


Prepare for Flooding with FloodSax Instant Sandless Sandbags/ sandbag alternatives today.