The FloodSax® Sandless Sandbag Private Label Program allows for companies who re-brand, or private label FloodSax® products to take advantage of our unmatched innovative technology.

Who is eligible for Private Label?

Any company who re-brands or private labels FloodSax® products under their own company brand is required to enter into the Private Label Program by entering into a Secondary Licensee Agreement.

Private Label Process

  • The selling / distributing company receives permission from the original participating manufacturer to represent their products.
  • The selling / distributing company provides verifiable information to MBZ Industrial Inc. on the names of the product or company brands that are intended to use the FloodSax® products.
  • The selling / distributing company enters into a secondary license agreement with MBZ Industrial Inc. on the terms and conditions of the use of FloodSax® products. This agreement governs issues ranging from product liability, and other related issues.
  • The selling / distributing company pays annual licensing and administrative fees. Licensing fees are based on locations where the products are sold and administrative fees are based on the number of certifications and product test categories.

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