FloodSax® sandbag alternatives and Quick Dam flood barrier Sandless Sandbags are the two most prominent brands in the market.  When considering any brand, do not make the mistake of deciding solely on price alone.  You will find that no two sandless sandbag brands are created equal.

Height of Quick Dam Flood Barrier sandless sandbags vs. Flood Sax Flood Bags

quick dam sandless sandbags 6 pack vs. FloodSax flood sack 5 pack

The image above illustrates the shear height difference in flood protection between FloodSax and Quick Dam.  Illustration shows flood bags  stacked 2 bags high, with 10 bags across the bottom and 11 bags stacked and staggered on top.  Dimensions are based on inflated heights published on Quick Dam website and FloodSax published sizes.

  • Quick Dam Flood Barrier Sandless Sandbag: 12" x 24" x 3.5"
  • FloodSax Instant Sandbag Alternative: 19" x 20" x 6"

FloodSax are 50% larger than Quick Dams sandbag alternatives!

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Flood Barrier Walls - A Comparison: Quick Dam vs. FloodSax

Quick Dam Flood Barriers Sandbag Alternatives offers minimal flood protection when compared to FloodSax®.  Quick Dam's simple design do not allow bags to be stacked very well, simply because the crystal polymers inside these bags are all in 1 section (like a pillow).  When one attempts to pick a Quick Dam bag up from one, the contents inside will all move down into the other end. 

If one attempts to stack Quick Dam flood barrier sandless sandbags, they will quickly discover that Quick Dam bags do not stack very well.  The superior patented design of FloodSax is designed to stack higher, stronger flood barrier walls than other sandless sandbag on the market.

                                    Small Flood Barrier Wall                        High Flood Barrier Wall

quick dam flood barrier bag vs. FloodSax flood sack

Color of Sandless Sandbags – Quick Dam compared to FloodSax®

One of the biggest difference between the two sandbag alternatives brands are color.  One is black and one is transparent white.  Quick Dam flood barrier sandbags are designed black as it has fillers that degrade faster than what is used in FloodSax® instant sandbags.  The sun doesn’t cause as much harm to the high quality polymer crystals of FloodSax® due to its superior engineering and patented design.  

quick dam floodsax sacks flood bags sandless sandbag alternative comparison

Another reason FloodSax® sandless sandbags are created with a transparent casing, is that it is intended to provide immediate visual detection of any contamination of what it has absorbed.  FloodSax® was designed to soak up almost any type of liquid, this includes oil, gasoline, urine, floodwaters, chemicals and even hazardous liquids.  Once, absorbed with liquid, one can decide how to safely discard the bag.  With Quick Dam’s black exterior casing, one is never 100% certain of what has been absorbed.

Re-usability of Quick Dam sandbag alternatives vs. FloodSax® sack bags Buy FloodSax Online

Quick Dam flood barrier sandbag alternatives, similar to FloodSax®, are reusable sandbags, which make them both environmentally friendly.  However, with the black casing of the Quick Dam Flood Barrier product, it is difficult to see if it has been contaminated and if it can be truly reused at maximum capability.  The white and transparent design of FloodSax® sack bags make it easy to see if it is simply filled with clean water or if it is contaminated.  If the contents or liquids absorbed in the FloodSax® are safe, one can simply let the flood bags dry out for reuse. 

Best Sandbag Alternative: Quick Dam vs. FloodSax®

Both of these brands are well known in the industry.  Both allow for quick and instant flood barrier protection, however FloodSax® beats Quick Dam because it offers:

  • Superior Stackability with its Patented Design– FloodSax® Flood bags/ sacks can be stacked 9 high
  • Immediate Visual Contamination Detection with transparent casing
  • Salt Water Barrier Compliant – it doesn’t degrade and lose quality in salt water (*must be activated with a hose / fresh water)
  • Extra Large Size – 20" x 19" x 6" – 25% larger in size; more area coverage
  • 1 box of 20 bags is equivalent to 1000 lbs. of sandbags
  • 10 Year Storage Guarantee – when kept dry in vacuum seal
  • Soaks up Almost any liquid – water, oil, gas, chemicals and hazardous liquids

To sum it up, FloodSax® flood bags / flood sacks offers superior flood barrier wall protection when compared side by side to the Quick Dam flood barrier sandless sandbags.  

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