Traditional Sandbags vs. Sandbag Alternatives

Traditional sandbags has provided adequate flood water defense for decades until now.  FloodSax® has created the Best Selling Sandbag Alternatives for modern times.  FloodSax® has eliminated labor involved with digging sand, filling burlap sandbags and transporting them for flood damage mitigation.  

Sand filled sandbags are extremely heavy to lug around as they are up to 50 pounds a piece!  These heavy sand bags can be back-breaking and is nearly impossible for children or the elderly to manage. Aside from the labor intensive nature of filling sandbags, without the proper training, sandbag walls can be constructed improperly.  When sandbag walls are improperly structured, they can fail at a lower heights than expected. Once place, traditional sandbags can also degrade prematurely in the sun and elements once deployed. Another negative related to sand bags are that they can become contaminated, making them difficult to deal with after flood waters recede.  In other words, cleanup costs of burlap sandbags after a flood can be extremely difficult and costly.

FloodSax® Sandbag Alternatives - The #1 Choice

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FloodSax® is the best brand known for Sandbag Alternatives, because it is known for its patented technology and affordability.  FloodSax® sandbag alternatives instantly absorbs up to 5 gallons of water, providing immediate protection against floodwaters.  Dry, they weigh in at 1 lb. each,  making it easy for anyone to move and transport them.  When stored dry in their vacuum sealed bags, they have average life span of 10 years.  FloodSax® are amazing sand bag alternatives, because they are lightweight, compact and ready to work for you in an instant.  They are flat and take up little to no space in storage.  Imagine how simple it is to be prepared and able to act in an instant in case of a flash flood or common water damage situation (leaky pipe, appliance, toilet, water heater, aquariums).  You save thousands of dollars in water damage by being prepared with FloodSax® Sandbag alternatives.  

FloodSax® Sandbag Alternatives Specs

FloodSax® is all that you need in a  Flood Protection System. Our sandbag alternatives requires no labor and no sand. FloodSax® sandless sandbag alternatives are 25% larger than other sandbag alternatives and offer 40% more coverage than traditional sandbags. A single case of 20 FloodSax® sandless sandbags offers protection equivalent to 900 pounds of sandbags and 33 feet of ground edge protection. They are designed to be incredibly sturdy and have a 10+ year shelf life. Floodsax® are able to absorb many different liquids. Finally, there is a sandbag alternative that makes it easy to protect your home against potential flooding.

Sandbag Alternatives vs. Cost of SandBags