How do Sandless Sandbags/ Sandbag Alternatives work?

FloodSax® has modernized the conventional sandbags; bringing to market the best sandbag alternatives available on the market. Say goodbye to the time consuming and back breaking tasks of digging sand and filling sandbags. Now the elderly and others who don’t have the time and strength to fill sandbags have alternatives to sandbags that will help protect their residence from the dangers of flashfloods. FloodSax® are the best sandless sandbags available, transforming the way one can protect from flood waters. FloodSax® sandless sandbags require no labor or time to fill (because there is no sand). When dry, they are extremely lightweight (only 1 lb.), making it fast and easy to setup.

As the best the best engineered alternatives to sandbags on the market, FloodSax® sand bag alternatives features a tough white fabric casing which allows water in. Within the FloodSax® bag, its super absorbent polymer crystals have the capability to soak up to 5.8 gallons of water (50 lbs.) in a matter of minutes. When it is fully inflated or water filled, this Sandless Sandbag offers unrivaled stacking capability for the strongest and highest flood barrier wall. Additionally, FloodSax® Sandless Sandbags absorbs almost ANY type of liquid, including hazardous chemicals.

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FloodSax® Sandbag Alternatives are #1 on the Market

FloodSax® Sandless Sandbags have proven to save thousands of dollars in flood and water damage across the USA, and the world. In terms of sandbag alternatives, FloodSax® is next to none, because of its many unique features, including:

  • Instant Sandbag – Quick deploy capability for faster protection
  • Unmatched Extra-Large size – Allowing for more area coverage in flood and water damage protection.
  • Ultimate Stacking Capability – Our unique design allows it to be stacked in a much more stable manner than sandbags or other sandbag alternatives.
  • Contamination Detection - The white colored FloodSax® design allows for a quick visual contamination detection, so that the bags can be disposed of properly.
  • Reduced Cleanup Costs – Its quick and easy to dispose of FloodSax® compared to traditional sandbags
  • Reusable sandbag - If in the case that you've activated the flood bags, but do no longer require them, then they can be reused or repurposed.


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Sandless Sandbags Alternatives for Flood Damage & Water Damage Mitigation

Flash floods and water damage to property can be very costly. FloodSax® sandless sandbags help reduce costly water damage with its easy to use features. As the #1 Selling Sandbag Alternative on the market, FloodSax® acts as a flood defense barrier, which stacks tighter and higher than conventional sandbags. When it is not fighting floodwaters, it can be used as a super water absorbent pad, soaking up almost any liquid in its path. As a water absorbent pad, it is ideal for toilets, water heaters, internal sprinkler systems, leaks in boats, broken pipes, leaking appliances, aquariums, basements and other liquid sources that will damage your home.