#1 Best Selling Sandless Sandbags for Sale

floodsax sandless sandbags alternatives instantThe best sandless sandbags for Sale are available online.  FloodSax is like no other, it absorbs 50 TIMES its dry weight, offers superior protection against floods, leaks, and hazardous chemicals for up to 90 days after use. This Patented Technology is compact and lightweight in design, making it quick and easy to deploy.  FloodSax® is ACTIVATED BY WATER OR OTHER LIQUID, while providing an unequaled barrier of protection. FloodSax® can be reused as drought irrigation or other green hydro applications.

FloodSax® Sandless Sandbags for Sale

Buy FloodSax OnlinePerfect for use by government agencies, universities, industrial operations, and residential use.  FloodSax® sandless sandbags are 25% larger than anything out on the market, at 19” x 20”. These are designed to cover more ground in less time. Efficiency in defending your assets from flooding is everything. Using FloodSax® sandless sandbags is the best choice when faced with rapidly rising flood waters.
• Dry weight is 1lb per bag.
• Filled weight is 50 lbs per bag.
• Water capacity is 5.8 gallons.
• A 20lb case effectively replaces roughly 1000+ lbs of sand.
• Fill to capacity in minutes making them ideal for flash flood emergencies.
• No sand means they can be used indoors and outdoors without the mess.
• Can be used to very quickly build a wall to redirect water.
• Are a zero impact product and are biodegradable.
(1) Case = (4) Kits:        (20) 19” x 20” FloodSax® Sandless Sandbags
(1) Pallet = (24) Cases: (480) 19” x 20” FloodSax® Sandless Sandbags

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