Sandless sandbags cleanup saves money, time and labor vs. traditional sandbag cleanup.

“Piles upon piles of broken up sand bags still line the shores at Larson’s Landing. It looks like a war zone over there, no question about it,” campground owner Doug Larson said in a video.

Sandbag Cleanup Expensive and Difficult

When flood waters recede – that’s when the cleanup starts, and often when the volunteers disappear. Yet traditional sandbags need to be cleaned up for a wide variety of reasons including environmental, logistical and aesthetic. For individuals, this comes at a time when they are tied up with the work of recovery; for municipalities, the costs of cleanup can run into the millions of dollars, impacting already stretched budgets.

A 2011 news article from North Dakota’s highlights the problem:

“Burleigh County Commissioners made a number of decisions Monday evening, and by far the one that`s going to cost them the most is sand bag removal. The county only received one bid for the sandbag clean up, and it came in about $1.5 million under what the county engineer expects the project to cost. Marcus Hall reported, “That bid came from Knife River Corporation for $4,023,233.50.”

Sandless Sandbag Cleanup: Easier, More Affordable

Sandless Sandbag cleanup is easier, and more affordable thanks to biodegradable bags. One of the many things that sets apart FloodSax® sandless sandbags is that they are biodegradable, making cleanup simpler and in many cases unnecessary. Other than clearing the bags for access to areas that homeowners or municipalities may have blocked off, in many cases, the bags can be left to bi0degrade, in whole or in part, on site. The savings in money, time and labor can make a huge difference for cash-strapped property owners.