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FloodSax® Sandless Sandbags are powerful and protect homes and businesses against damage from liquids of all forms, including: water, gasoline, chemicals, and much more. After absorption, FloodSax® and the damaging liquid can quickly be removed from the effected area. Simply pick up the used bag and dispose of it.

FloodSax® stops liquid in its tracks!

absorbent pad for oil gasoline and hazardous chemicals

The FloodSax® were successfully activated with the following liquids / chemicals

“Liquids are no match against FloodSax®!

Hexane Tetrachloroethylene
Ethanol Oxylene
Ethyl Acetate Undecane
Z - Butanone Dodacane
Cyclohexane Petrol
Propan-2-ol Jet Fuel
Toluene Red Diesel
Butan -l-ol and much more

    *High Caution: Hazardous materials, flammability and chemical reactions of absorbed fluids should be handled with up-most care and proper legal disposal.

    Upon completion of the testing the results showed that FloodSax® absorbent pads will activate with all of the liquids above. Testing was designed to prove that highly contaminated water often found in flood zones could be used to activate the FloodSax®. After this ‘activation testing’, it was also confirmed that FloodSax® can be used for specific spill and liquid containment should these need arise for liquid containment and fluid removal.

    absorbent pads for spill containment

    The capabilities of the FloodSax® Sandless Sandbags are Amazing

    • Requires minimal labor
    • Fast and easy deployment
    • It lets water in, but doesn't let water out.
    • Activated by water
    • Absorbs fresh water and hazardous liquids
    • White color bag allows for quick visual detection of contamination
    • Expands to large size: 20” x 19” x 6"
    • Up to 10-year shelf life
    • 40% more coverage than traditional sandbags
    • Vacuum sealed for safe and efficient storage
    • Self absorbing, stable and stackable
    • 25% larger than any sandbag alternatives
    • Contents don't slide over to one side like other sandless sandbags



    “We've used them many times to save valuable property
    and assets. We take three minutes to wet down the FloodSax®
    and we're ready to go. INSTANT BARRICADE!!!”

    Sydney V.,
    Sodexo Facilities Management
    Hiram College