Sandless Sandbag Storage Savings

FloodSax® save up to 90% of the space of an equivalent about of sand. Space that costs money to keep and maintain. Space that could be used for other purposes. When dry, each FloodSax® bag weighs less than a pound and lies approximately 1 inch thick.

Sandless Sandbag Delivery Savings

Can you deliver the equivalent of 12,600 lbs. of sand in a shortbed pickup? You can with FloodSax®.

Sandless Sandbag Deployment Savings

At less than a pound, virtually anyone can use FloodSax® to build an barrier to protect their property. Unlike with heavy sandbags that can easily weigh 45 lbs., FloodSax® weight make them much less likely to cause any kind of injury or fatigue from carrying them into position.

Sandless Sandbag Protection Savings

Position more FloodSax® bags quicker than you ever could with traditional sandbags for better protection where you need it most. Plus, because they expand to form tightly against each other and nearby structures, they provide a better barrier than sandbags which can often be permeated by water.

Sandless Sandbag Cleanup Savings

Sandbag cleanup can cost millions of dollars, and improper cleanup can leave an environmental disaster, with sand fundamentally changing habitats. Site decontamination after sandbag deployment can cost more than all other phases of the response combined.