FloodSax® give you faster response and better protection than traditional sandbags or alternative.  FloodSax® sandless sandbags let you deliver and deploy sandbags much faster than is possible with traditional sandbags. 

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Sandless Sandbag Delivery Savings

Large trucks are needed to deliver meaningful amounts of sand.  Once close to the location, bags need to be filled and placed by strong people, who often get hurt, causing additional response headaches. Yet, a single short-bed pickup truck can deliver the equivalent of 12,600 pounds of sand.

Sandless Sandbag Deployment Savings

Thanks to FloodSax® light weight when dry, virtually anybody can protect their own or their neighbors property quickly and easily. A case of 20 FloodSax® weigh less than a single 45 lb. sandbag, making delivery to the flood barrier location much faster and easier than with sandbags, allowing for greater protection in less time.