An unactivated FloodSax® is stored dry, and measures only 1 inch thick and weighs just 1 lb. When activated, by absorbing liquid, it will expand to 6 inches thick and can weigh up to 50 lbs. FloodSax® patented technology is manufactured using mostly biodegradable materials. The three primary Floodsax contents are: 1) Super absorbent polymer, 2) Wood Pulp and 3) Various Non-Woven materials. 

Super Absorbent Biodegradable Polymer

Super Absorbent Polymer, commonly called water-absorbing polymers, absorb liquid through hydrogen bonding with water molecules. These are also classified as hydrogels and breaks down over time when exposed to ultra violet rays. Super Absorbent Polymer is used extensively in agriculture to help retain water in soil and is therefore inherently biodegradable.

Wood Pulp

Untreated fluff pulp is cellulose pulp that contains a trace level of antistatic agent, which is added to aid in the disintegration of the pulp. Cellulose pulp is inherently biodegradable and readily breaks down in standard landfills and compost piles. Because the concentration of the antistatic agent in fluff pulp is extremely low, it should have little to no effect on the biodegradability characteristics of the pulp.

Various Non-Woven Parts

The various non-woven parts used to stitch FloodSax® closed, equates to less than 4% (by weight) of the sack are not easily biodegradable.