Soak up Leaks and spills - From water to oil, fuel and even chemicals

Our Super Absorbent Sax allows you easily absorb all liquids, while making it easy for you to walk away and keep the area mess-free. It will not leak or drip! 

absorbent pad for all liquids water oil gasoline and hazardous chemicals

Great for Hard to Reach Places

But where they really come into their own are in those hard-to-reach places which home owners and plumbers have to tackle day in, day out. You can wrap them round leaking radiators, pop them under floorboards to mop up between the joists and squeeze them under leaking pipes.They simply absorb the liquid while you can get on with the job.
Super Absorbent Sax are very similar to pioneering FloodSax sandless sandbags that simply soak up  water to become even more effective than traditional sandbags at stopping floodwater in its tracks.They have proved themselves in action worldwide, saving homes and businesses countless hundreds of thousands of pounds in damage.
The Super Absorbent Sax’s strength is its versatility and people are constantly finding new ways to use them.

Ideal for Leaks for appliances: Sinks, Pipes, Toilets and more

Pop them under sinks while sorting out dripping taps. If sewage water is backing up simply put a rolled-up Super Absorbent Sax down the toilet and the problem’s solved.
And this hospital used Super Absorbent Pads/ Sax to stop, soak up and divert water after a major leak.

No mess, no fuss, job done.

absorbent pad for chemical spills containment floodsax flood sacks 1 hospital
absorbent pad for chemical spills containment floodsax flood sacks 2 hospital