What Exactly Is A Water Absorbent Pad?

Best Water Absorbent Pad

FloodSax® created and industry and is the first of its kind.  When you have emergency water leaks in your home or property, let’s face it… towels and buckets many times don’t cut it.  Just 1 inch of water damage in your home can mean thousands of dollars in damage to property.  If your water heater leaks… this can mean up to 55 gallons or more of water that would drain and damage your property and possessions.  With FloodSax® super water absorbent pad, you don’t have to worry about running to see if you have enough towels to soak up the mess.  FloodSax® water absorbent pads are designed to help prevent costly water damage.

FloodSax® Water Absorbent Pads

Under Sink Leaks Leaky pipes water absorbent padsAs an extremely water absorbent pad, FloodSax® is ideal for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.  FloodSax® can virtually eliminate water and fluid damage from toilets, water heaters, internal sprinkler systems, broken pipes, leaking appliances, aquariums, basements and other liquid sources by quickly soaking up the water and holding it with practically no leaking back out.  Companies in the plumbing industry find FloodSax® water absorbent pad to be the best, as it is 25% larger than other similar products, therefore absorbing and RETAINING much more liquid. Each Floodsax® water absorbent pad can hold about 5.8 gallons of liquid.  As an innovative water absorbing bag, it weighs only 1 lb. when dry and 50 lbs. when activated.

Application for Water Absorbent Pads

Dry, they weigh a single pound. When placed in an area where a leak may have occurred in the house, a single bag instantly absorbs 5.8 gallons of liquid in the first five minutes. They can also be laid in an arrangement to protect your home against possible flooding during a storm and will absorb any water they come into contact with creating a barrier of protection for up to three months. FloodSax® water absorbent pads, expand evenly unlike traditional sandbags with can be bulky and leave gaps in between. They can be activated quickly by submerging them in a bucket of water or simply placed to become activated in the floodwater itself. 

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Why FloodSax® offers the Best Water Absorbent Pads

As a patented product, FloodSax® proves itself as the most reliable absorbent pad on the market.  It handle all types of liquids; from water to harmful chemicals.  It’s white casing design allow for quick visual detection of contamination.  Regardless of what we have to say about our super water absorbent pad, here’s what a customer has to say about FloodSax®:

“We had a serious intermittent leak in the subbasement of our home.  As a precaution, I purchased a number of FloodSax and placed seven of them on the floor.  On our return from our 10 day trip, I found all seven FloodSax inflated with water that would otherwise have caused considerable damage. 

I am continuing to use FloodSax as they give me peace of mind.”

Be Prepared.  Order FloodSax® today.