NOAQ Boxwall - 3 ft. per Boxwall

$ 200.00
NOAQ Boxwall - 3 ft. per Boxwall

NOAQ Boxwall - 3 ft. per Boxwall

$ 200.00

*BACKORDERED* Ready to ship beginning of August

The NOAQ Boxwall is a freestanding temporary flood barrier. It is designed specifically for the urban environment, with even surfaces like asphalt streets, but it works as well on lawns etc.  It is automatically ballasted by the weight of the flood water. The higher the water rises, the harder the barrier is pressed firm against the ground.


  • Damming ability 50 cm (20”)
  • Self-anchoring
  • Dimension of boxes (lxwxh) 980 x 680 x 530 mm
  • Effective length 900 mm (3’) per box
  • Weight 6,2 kg (14 lb) per box
  • Material Polypropylene Temperature resistance -30° – +90°C
  • Stackable to reduce storage space

How long does it take to put up a NOAQ Box Wall?
The NOAQ Boxwall is designed to be easy to use, and installed quickly. Two people can build over 650 linear feet of boxwall in an hour. A Boxwall is built by snapping the boxes together. No tools are needed. Gradual curves are made by connecting the boxes at a slight angle, and for corners there are specific corner boxes.


If you need 12 ft. of flood protection, you will need 4 boxwalls at 3 ft. per boxwall.