Sandless Sandbags Ideal for Spring Snow Melt - "Kept Building Dry"

Sandless Sandbags Ideal for Spring Snow Melt - "Kept Building Dry"

We often get many inquiries about how FloodSax Sandless Sandbags work and these flood bags are ideal for spring, snow melt flood protection. Flood sacks in fact are a great flood defense product when it comes to stopping rising flood waters from entering property (residence or commercial buildings).  Anybody who has experienced flooding knows all too well how damaging it is; not only to personal property, but the emotional toll on the flood victim.

sandless sandbags kept building dry

A quick and fast alternative to traditional Sandbags

While FloodSax can serve as an indoor water damage protection product (as an absorbent pad), oftentimes Flood sacks is know for its flood barrier protection capabilities.  Once of the best benefits of FloodSax Sandless Sandbags are that they work in an instant.  Within a few minutes, one can build a flood barrier to protect property. See the story below from a FloodSax user, who purchased our product on

FloodSax Sandless Sandbags Keeps Buildings Dry - Words from a User:

"We have only used one of these bags outside of our goat barn, which tends to flood every spring and summer, no matter what we do. We put one of the bags at the side where we knew the water seeped through. It absorbed all of the water that had emerged from out recent melted snowstorm. The barn has stayed dry. We will be buying more of these because of their multi-use possibilities."

Pros: Easy to Use, Easy to Work With, Economical, Good Size & Weight, High Quality, Performs Well, Reliable

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Why FloodSax are the #1 Selling Sandless Sandbag WorldWide (including US)

Flood Sacks are designed to help anyone be prepared at a moment's notice to protect property from flood damage.  Oftentimes, there is not enough time to react to a sudden downpour of rain.  Shoveling heavy, dirty sand into bags and laying them out in front of property is not only time consuming, but ideal for strong people.  FloodSax instant sandbags offers a safe, easy and convenient way to quickly protect from flooding disasters.

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