Sandless Sandbags Save 100 Year Old Church Floors

Sandless Sandbags Save 100 Year Old Church Floors

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Sandless Sandbags Saves Church Floors

One of the world’s number one sources of water protection, FloodSax® Sandless Sandbags, are revolutionizing the way people prevent water damage. Water damage can occur at any time or place, forming quickly, but leaving long-term damage in its tracks. People have searched for the answer, but traditional sandbags are heavy and are too time consuming to build, messy to deal with and take a lot of resources to clean up after.  FloodSax’s Sandless Sandbags are the perfect solution for people of all ages including the elderly and disabled. Whether you live in a flood-prone area or are simply guarding against internal leaks in your home or business, the Floodsax offer versatility as an instant sandbag and as a super liquid absorbent pad.  

Flooding Disaster at the Church of Florida

Recently on March 12, 2016, a church known as the Church on Florida was one of the many places to benefit from these #1 Selling sandless sandbags. FloodSax® products were utilized in the church after a devastating flood hit the 100 year old church’s incredible wood flooring. Worshippers attending the church were concerned that they’d lose the 100 year old flooring.  The church feared the possibility of dealing with expensive construction; ripping up floor boards and replacing them with brand new flooring, which would unfortunately cost the church a fortune.

An Answer to their Prayers

After turning to the Environmental Defence Systems Ltd, the church learned of FloodSax’s Sandless Sandbags and their ability to absorb water effectively. EDS managing director Richard Bailey said: “I advised them to lay FloodSax across the flood as they would soak all the water up into them … and it worked. It meant the floor was saved. FloodSax won’t drip or leak when being carried from a building. As recommended, the church laid the sandbag alternatives/ absorbent pads across the floor and watched as the water was soaked up and the floor was saved. Sandless sandbags were incorporated to save the church from thousands of dollars in damage as well as future water problems! The church’s incredible story is one of many which demonstrate the benefits of using the sandbag alternatives as a tool against water damage.

2 in 1 – Sandless Sandbag & Super Absorbent Pad

Composed of super absorbent polymers, FloodSax® Sandless Sandbags serve as absorbent pads, quickly soaking up water and other liquids.  To use as an instant sandless sandbag, simply activate FloodSax with fresh water.  Their light and easy to carry dry weight is transformed as water comes into contact with the sandbag alternative. As opposed to traditional sandbags, FloodSax® products are light and easy to store, easily transported, environmentally friendly, and include a long shelf life. Mainly used as an absorbent pad, flood barrier, or for liquid diversion, the sandbag alternatives have various uses. Homes, businesses, public service centers such as hospitals, or churches can use the sandless sandbags as a stress-free solution to the consequences of water damage. 

absorbent pad to soak up water liquid oil water heater bursts and more floodsax

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