FloodSax® sandless sandbags keep McDonald’s watertight

FloodSax® sandless sandbags keep McDonald’s watertight

Every year, when the snow melts we have the same problem.  South Dakota is no stranger to snow. We know how to deal with snow, but the snow melt was causing us problems every year – and that means lost time and money.

We operate multiple McDonald’s restaurants here with a Watertown business office located next to an empty lot where snow is piled high all winter to keep the nearby parking areas clear.

Each spring, as the snow melts, the water crosses the sidewalk to the side entrance of our business office and enters under the wall. We’ve tried traditional sandbags in the past, but they were hard to work with, hard to remove and still let water seep through.

As soon as we heard about FloodSax® we were excited to give it a try! It was already winter when we deployed our bags, so we added a little water to them to ensure that they would stay where we put them.

We laid a course at the snow lot edge of our sidewalk, putting down a layer two bags tall.As the snow melted, the bags automatically expanded to form an 8ins tall watertight barrier. The sidewalk stayed dry and there was no water entry into our office. When we looked at the FloodSax® barrier, you could see that it was holding back several inches of water.

This is an excellent product that has provided a solid, cost effective solution for us.

I would highly recommend the FloodSax® line of products.

Mike H, Watertown, South Dakota