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FloodSax® saved several homes from flooding during Hurricane Sandy

A WALL of FloodSax® saved several homes from flooding when Hurricane Sandy wreaked devastation in the USA.  Around 50 properties were at risk of flooding when the Delaware River rose 2ft as the killer storm struck the New York area in late October.  Residents feared the water would flood basements in their homes that are only around 100ft from the river in the Old New Castle area not far from New Jersey.

So they turned to Jonathan Cochran who owns Cochran and Son plumbing and construction company in New Castle for help.

He helped eight worried homeowners by building walls of FloodSax® sandless sandbags to keep the water out … and it worked for every resident with no water getting into their basements from the flood surge itself.

Jonathan said the highest wall constructed from around 80 FloodSax® was just over 4ft high and 9ft wide and this picture dramatically shows the water level and the amount of debris the wall kept at bay.

“If the water had got into the basement at these homes the damage caused in each one would have been in the region of $3,000 or $4,000,’’ he said. “These homes had suffered from flooding before and there was no way the people living there wanted to go through that again.

“One man did have regular sandbags in his garage but he didn’t want to go through all the hassle of moving them outside again. He was very satisfied with how the FloodSax® worked.’’

Jonathan said one resident used FloodSax® alternative sandbags to stop the water from  reaching his home and they worked fine. But he lives in a terraced house and his next door neighbour didn’t have FloodSax® and his basement was so badly flooded the water seeped through to his neighbour’s basement.

Jonathan added: “The man who used the FloodSax® said that if his neighbour didn’t deploy FloodSax® the next time there was a flood risk, he’d buy them for him!’’

Working in the construction industry means Jonathan has discovered other uses for FloodSax®. If it is raining heavily he uses them as a barrier to stop filthy water from the construction site running off into other properties.

“The neighbours next to construction sites would get real mad if we let muddy water get on to their properties,’’ he said. “They make a highly effective diversionary barrier.’’

FloodSax® sandless sandbags keep McDonald’s watertight

FloodSax® sandless sandbags keep McDonald’s watertight

Every year, when the snow melts we have the same problem.  South Dakota is no stranger to snow. We know how to deal with snow, but the snow melt was causing us problems every year – and that means lost time and money.

We operate multiple McDonald’s restaurants here with a Watertown business office located next to an empty lot where snow is piled high all winter to keep the nearby parking areas clear.

Each spring, as the snow melts, the water crosses the sidewalk to the side entrance of our business office and enters under the wall. We’ve tried traditional sandbags in the past, but they were hard to work with, hard to remove and still let water seep through.

As soon as we heard about FloodSax® we were excited to give it a try! It was already winter when we deployed our bags, so we added a little water to them to ensure that they would stay where we put them.

We laid a course at the snow lot edge of our sidewalk, putting down a layer two bags tall.As the snow melted, the bags automatically expanded to form an 8ins tall watertight barrier. The sidewalk stayed dry and there was no water entry into our office. When we looked at the FloodSax® barrier, you could see that it was holding back several inches of water.

This is an excellent product that has provided a solid, cost effective solution for us.

I would highly recommend the FloodSax® line of products.

Mike H, Watertown, South Dakota