FloodSax Saved More than $500,000 in Equipment

FloodSax Saved More than $500,000 in Equipment

“FloodSax really saved the day,” says CoGri Group Director Lynn Dare. Dare credits FloodSax for saving her firm more than $500,000 in equipment all within one year, as raging waters threatened the massive high-tech grinding machines CoGri relies upon to run their business. Fortunately, Dare was prepared with a supply of FloodSax. As waters rose, employees quickly deployed 30 FloodSax to protect half a million dollars worth of equipment as torrential floodwater poured around their facility.

FloodSax Sandless Sandbag Alternatives
Last year, traditional sandbags couldn’t prevent flood water getting into the site, and Dare lost four grinding machines, months of production time, and the time needed to file insurance claims when floodwater entered the CoGri production facilities, destroying four laser-powered concrete grinders. That’s when Dare knew she needed to find a better solution.

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“FloodSax are absolutely brilliant. There was a raging torrent coming down the hill but three layers of 10 sacks held it back from our door. Last year we were flooded very badly and put in a $550,000 insurance claim as a result, but this time we’ve been able to function as normal.”


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