Sandless Sandbags on Home Depot .com

Sandless Sandbags on Home Depot .com

sandless sandbags on home depot

Sandless Sandbags on Home Depot .com

FloodSax® US, the #1 Selling Sandbag Alternative, announced today that they have launched their patented instant sandbags on FloodSax® continues to grow its large distributor network across the country. FloodSax® gains visibility and popularity, due to its unique USPTO Patent Approved design and superior liquid damage protection capabilities. The FloodSax® customer base continues to grow through strong partnerships with retailers and distributors throughout the nation. With increasing online and traditional retailers carrying the leading edge sandless sandbags, FloodSax® continues to make a big impact to end users.

Sandless Sandbags on Home Depot .com online store

As a global leader in the marketplace, it made sense for Home Depot to carry the FloodSax® instant sandbag brand online.   FloodSax® sandbag alternatives have proven their effectiveness by saving millions of dollars in prevented damage to residences, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, warehouses and offices world-wide. FloodSax® has sold over 2 million units worldwide.

FloodSax Sandless Sandbags on Home Depot .com stores

Sandless Sandbags on Home Depot .com online store


Having FloodSax® sandless sandbags on the Home Depot online store, provides end users the option to purchase a superior sandbag alternative. FloodSax® are reusable, while offering outdoor flood damage prevention and indoor liquid protection from leaky appliances, pipes, water heaters, aquariums, toilets, sinks and much more.


Many distributors across the nation see the true value of FloodSax® instant sandless sandbags, and are offering it to their customers because of its superior protection against flooding disasters and indoor water/liquid damage. Regardless of the source of water damage, FloodSax® saves time, money, and resources. Compact and lightweight, FloodSax® can be easily and quickly deployed by anyone, including the disabled and elderly. Starting at 1 lb. in weight per bag, simply adding water inflates the bags to 50 lbs. in just 5 minutes; offering a quick and easy way to protect property

The FloodSax® large network of distributors and online retailers, such as Home Depot, will continue to help many realize the benefits of using a superior liquid absorbent pad/ sandbag alternative.

About FloodSax® USA:

FloodSax® Sandless Sandbags are instant, lightweight, compact, fast absorbing, and highly stackable to create flood wall barriers. FloodSax® Sandbag Alternatives go from 1 lb. to 50 lbs. in just 5 minutes by absorbing almost any kind of fluid (from water to hazardous chemicals). With over 2 million units sold globally, FloodSax® have been featured on DIY Television’s “Disaster House”, news stations around the globe including NBC, ABC, CBS, affiliates, BBC, and various cable news programs.

FloodSax® helps protect people and property against surging floodwaters, while absorbing fluids without the sand, labor, and mess. As a super water absorbent pad, FloodSax® is ideal for protection from costly water damage, caused by leaky appliances, pipes, water heaters, aquariums, toilets, sinks and much more. Dry, FloodSax® weigh about 1 lb., making it compact, lightweight and easy enough to be handled by virtually anybody. Activated, FloodSax® sandbag alternatives expand to be about 50 lbs. in weight, easy to stack, stagger and stable for superior flood barrier walls. For more information, visit  

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