Flooding Devastates Across The Country

Flooding Devastates Across The Country

Thousands in the United States and throughout the world face the devastation caused by water damage each year.  With our recent hit by Hurricane Matthew… and the terrible flooding in Lousiana, it is more important than ever to be prepared.  Storms and prolonged heavy rainfall has been no joke for many who’s lived through the terror of flooding.  That is why Richard Bailey, the inventor of FloodSax Sandless Sandbags, came up with the idea to make it easy and simple for anyone to prepare for floods.  Yes, even the elderly and disabled can setup and prepare for flash floods, even if they don’t have a strong man (or woman) around to setup heavy sandbags!

2016 US Winter Wetter Outlook on Weather


FloodSax has revolutionized the sandbag market with its introduction of sandless sandbags, helping prevent such dangerous, unnecessary damage. The sandbag alternatives utilize a polymer, wood pulp, and other non-woven materials as the main contents to help absorb water. FloodSax sandless sandbags weigh 1 pound at dry weight, inflating to up to 50 pounds when water is added. Just in the United States alone, floods are recognized as the number one most common natural disaster, with a record 700 million dollars in damage recorded since 2010. Preparation is vital for such disasters! Families in Los Rubios, Southern California utilized the sandbag alternatives to effectively prepare for their winter storms this year and shared their collective testimonials.

FloodSax floodsacks flood sacks flood barriers

Flood Protection in California - Digging Sand and Bagging Sandags vs. FloodSax

When it comes this year’s La Nina, we are expecting a wetter winter in the Northern parts of the US.  As we’ve witnessed recently with Louisiana’s heavy rainfall, a disaster that has cost the state over $30 million dollar in damages… there was little warning.  Whether hurricane or storm, heavy rains can cause extreme damage for thousands of homes and families.  For just a couple hundreds of dollars, it is just smart to have FloodSax available in case that “rainy day”. 


Indoor Water Leak and Flood Protection

Indoor flood leaks and spills application for floodsax flood sacks flood bags

Did you know that FloodSax offers a dual purpose?  It also works as a super absorbent pad… soaking up to 5.8 gallons of water in its path.

FloodSax Sandless Sandbags are utilized for liquid diversion and as absorbent pads in addition to their flood protection capabilities. The self-absorbing sandbags are unique in comparison to alternatives on the market. The reusable sandless sandbags are lightweight and absorb up to 5.8 gallons of liquid within 5 minutes. Favored by companies from Budweiser and Hiram College, to McDonalds, the eco-friendly products offer a 10-year shelf life and offer 40% more coverage in comparison to other sandbags. The patented technology involved has proven successful, with over 2 million units sold worldwide.

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