Sandless Sandbags Available at Home

Sandless Sandbags Available at Home

Sandless Sandbags Available at Home Depot .com

Just in time for flooding season, FloodSax are the #1 Selling Sandless Sandbags world wide.  Available on Home , the sandbag alternatives are the ideal solution when it comes to absorbing liquids. For flooding emergencies, the number one priority is absorbing the water and stopping it in its tracks before it spreads and devastates your home and appliances. Staying prepared prior to a flood occurring is key to efficiently preventing major damage. FloodSax sandbags at Home Depot .com can be stored for up to 10 years, ready to use in the case of such catastrophes. Simply place the sandbags anywhere you want to absorb liquid, or stack them to create an effective flood barrier.

FloodSax Sandless Sandbags

FloodSax’s partnership with Home Depot .com gives customers exactly what they need for indoor and outdoor flooding situations.  FloodSax’s self absorbing flood barriers have impressed customers world wide, particularly when it comes to preparing for flooding emergencies. With Hurricane Harvey, Irma and more storms headed our way, it is a good idea to stock up and protect property.

 Many customers have left raving reviews and testimonials about FloodSax when it came to a flood barrier protection:

How do you reuse these reusable sandbags by FloodSax?

FloodSax Sandless Sandbags are reusable only in fresh water. Contaminated liquids absorbed should be handled with care and disposed of per government hazmat standards.

1) Dry out the bags - Simply lay out the flood bags out the in sun and let it completely dry out. Depending on where you live, time to dry out the FloodSax instant sand bags vary.

2) Once flood sacks are completely dry. Store them back in a bag in a dry and cool location (garage or basement)

3) FloodSax reusable sandbags can be used a second or third time, depending on how clean the liquid it has absorbed.

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Now is the time to purchase your Sandless sandbags at Home Depot .com, before floods hit the area you live in. We at FloodSax value our own families and homes, therefore we understand the importance they hold for our customers as well. Our company has designed a solution with families, homes, and the environment, in mind. Deploying the eco-friendly products will be simple, simply grab them from the shelf, and once the units come into contact with water, they will begin absorbing. Absorption capabilities include containing liquids of up to 5.8 gallons! In contrast to traditional sandbags available on the market, FloodSax sandbags available at Home Depot .com not only work when it comes to both fresh and salt water, but also allow for 40% more coverage.

Contact FloodSax Today

Contact FloodSax today for further information on the #1 selling sandbag alternative in the world. Or, simply visit Home Depot .com to purchase an effective flood protection product already tested and used by many.  Stay safe, stay protected, and deploy FloodSax Sandbags. Available starting now at Home Depot. We look forward to helping you and your family.

Testimonial on Sandless Sandbags on Home Depot .com

Testimonial on Sandless Sandbags on Home Depot .com

Testimonial / FloodSax Review on

We just received the testimonial/ review below on our FloodSax Sandless Sandbags on Home Depot .com and thought that many should see and understand the multipurpose capabilities of these flood sacks/ flood bags:

Here's the customer's FloodSax Review:

"I got a small pack of five because we sometimes experience a minor leakage from one basement wall when it rains heavily. My intention was to wait until spring when rains come and see how these work. Lucky thing I got them when I did, since rising temperatures brought rain in JANUARY!

As usual, we heard the sump pump working overtime from the kitchen, and went down to investigate. Sure enough, that small crack was seeping water. Although this is not a catastrophic leak, it is a nuisance. So, in a matter of seconds, I cut the package open with scissors and took out four floodsax--- enough to corral the mini flood along the path of the water's flow.

Testimonial on Sandless Sandbags on Home Depot .com They start off being about one-half inch thick. Within minutes these thin floodsax starting bulging and expanding from absorbing ALL that water! Just like in the videos on YouTube and the FloodSax website, these really DO work!  This is one of those preparedness products that you want BEFORE something happens. My wife was so delighted with the performance, she bought some for her friend who has a much worse problem in her basement. They worked well for her too.

I recall one year in my youth when our city experience a MAJOR devastating flood and I volunteered for several days packing real old-fashioned sandbags against that torrent. It was grueling heavy wet dirty work. I can easily see how these could save a person thousands in damage around a home, or save a municipality MILLIONS in damages and deployment costs. These are so lightweight and small, one truckload floodsax could easily replace ten or more truckloads of conventional sandbags. They are MUCH MUCH easier to move and place.

As they absorb water, they conform to the space where they are packed so they leak less. The weight of the water itself is what holds them in place.

Here's the kicker! They are reusable! Not only can you dry these out simply by laying them flat in the hot sun, they have antimicrobial properties which the manufacturer says last even after first use. So far, that appears to be true since our basement has zero mold growing on those bags even now, several weeks after I put them in place.

If you have leaks or live in a potential flood zone, you really should check these out by visiting the FloodSax website. They have impressive videos demonstrating how they work and how easy they are to use."

Testimonial on Sandless Sandbags on Home Depot .com

by GeoWright, dated Jan 10th 2016

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Sandless Sandbags on Home Depot .com

Sandless Sandbags on Home Depot .com

sandless sandbags on home depot

Sandless Sandbags on Home Depot .com

FloodSax® US, the #1 Selling Sandbag Alternative, announced today that they have launched their patented instant sandbags on FloodSax® continues to grow its large distributor network across the country. FloodSax® gains visibility and popularity, due to its unique USPTO Patent Approved design and superior liquid damage protection capabilities. The FloodSax® customer base continues to grow through strong partnerships with retailers and distributors throughout the nation. With increasing online and traditional retailers carrying the leading edge sandless sandbags, FloodSax® continues to make a big impact to end users.

Sandless Sandbags on Home Depot .com online store

As a global leader in the marketplace, it made sense for Home Depot to carry the FloodSax® instant sandbag brand online.   FloodSax® sandbag alternatives have proven their effectiveness by saving millions of dollars in prevented damage to residences, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, warehouses and offices world-wide. FloodSax® has sold over 2 million units worldwide.

FloodSax Sandless Sandbags on Home Depot .com stores

Sandless Sandbags on Home Depot .com online store


Having FloodSax® sandless sandbags on the Home Depot online store, provides end users the option to purchase a superior sandbag alternative. FloodSax® are reusable, while offering outdoor flood damage prevention and indoor liquid protection from leaky appliances, pipes, water heaters, aquariums, toilets, sinks and much more.


Many distributors across the nation see the true value of FloodSax® instant sandless sandbags, and are offering it to their customers because of its superior protection against flooding disasters and indoor water/liquid damage. Regardless of the source of water damage, FloodSax® saves time, money, and resources. Compact and lightweight, FloodSax® can be easily and quickly deployed by anyone, including the disabled and elderly. Starting at 1 lb. in weight per bag, simply adding water inflates the bags to 50 lbs. in just 5 minutes; offering a quick and easy way to protect property

The FloodSax® large network of distributors and online retailers, such as Home Depot, will continue to help many realize the benefits of using a superior liquid absorbent pad/ sandbag alternative.

About FloodSax® USA:

FloodSax® Sandless Sandbags are instant, lightweight, compact, fast absorbing, and highly stackable to create flood wall barriers. FloodSax® Sandbag Alternatives go from 1 lb. to 50 lbs. in just 5 minutes by absorbing almost any kind of fluid (from water to hazardous chemicals). With over 2 million units sold globally, FloodSax® have been featured on DIY Television’s “Disaster House”, news stations around the globe including NBC, ABC, CBS, affiliates, BBC, and various cable news programs.

FloodSax® helps protect people and property against surging floodwaters, while absorbing fluids without the sand, labor, and mess. As a super water absorbent pad, FloodSax® is ideal for protection from costly water damage, caused by leaky appliances, pipes, water heaters, aquariums, toilets, sinks and much more. Dry, FloodSax® weigh about 1 lb., making it compact, lightweight and easy enough to be handled by virtually anybody. Activated, FloodSax® sandbag alternatives expand to be about 50 lbs. in weight, easy to stack, stagger and stable for superior flood barrier walls. For more information, visit  

Media Contact for FloodSax® USA:

Nikki Ong

+1.888.533.2994 x704