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Chapman University has done their homework on Sandless Sandbag Alternatives

Chapman University has done their homework on Sandless Sandbag Alternatives

Preparing for El Nino Chapman UniversityWith the expected El Niño coming, Chapman University’s Facilities Management Department has been proactively planning to protect their campus with FloodSax sandless sandbags / sandbag alternatives.   Chapman University understands that using sandbags to protect their buildings helps mitigates the impact of flooding.  While traditional sandbags do help, the modern sandbag; FloodSax offers superior convenience and fast solution without the sand, mess and labor of hauling many 50 lbs. sandbags. 


FloodSax Flood Sacks Flood bags used at Chapman UniversityWhat does El Niño mean to many parts of the US including California?  El Niño conditions are characterized by unusually warm ocean temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific. Weather experts have been closely monitoring the increasingly warm temperatures since early 2015, giving them strong confidence to predict a strong El Niño that will bring on storms, heavy rainfall and flash flooding.

Chapman University of Orange, Ca has "taken the time to clean out roof drains and gutters, facilities teams have also installed new pumps in several areas, serviced emergency generators and overseen the installation of several new roofs on campus buildings throughout the summer, according to Rick Turner, associate vice president for Facilities Management."

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It only made sense to Chapman University to use the largest sandless sandbag alternatives on the market, FloodSax.  The instant sandbags offer a fast and easy way to protect the Campus from flood waters.  By placing FloodSax down into position or activating them with a hose, FloodSax make it easy to divert flood waters from coming into the facility.

With 10 years shelf-life (when kept in its vacuum sealed bag), it makes sense to keep FloodSax handy during an emergency.  1 case of FloodSax sandless sandbags, weighing at only 35 lbs. contains 20 units of flood bags; equivalent to 1,000 lbs. of sandbags when expanded with water.

It makes sense to have FloodSax, ready, because during an emergency there is typically not enough people to move and protect property in an instant.  FloodSax allows for a quick deploy of of sandbags to cover a large area.  Chapman University of Orange, Ca has done their homework on sandless sandbags to prepare for flooding.